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Letter: Nassau and Suffolk Need An Ombudsman

Nassau and Suffolk Counties are in deep trouble. Political corruption is rampant. It’s all about money – campaign contributions, tax refunds and settlements that should never be.

You read about it every day – a police lab that has to be closed with 9,000 tests that have to be redone out of state, wrongful convictions brought about by a failure to disclose exculpatory evidence, illegal arrests and the improper taking of confessions. Prosecutors cover up and elected officials look the other way. Taxpayers are forced to pay the bills for these monumental screw-ups that should never have occurred if all elected officials were honest and properly trained. This nation desperately needs legislation that will stop the flow of slush money to political campaigns. We can never hope to have honest government if all of our elected officials are bought and paid for. Doing the right thing has been overrun by doing the politically correct thing. In the end, the taxpayers lose because our elected officials act in favor of those who have given them the most money. This is an inherently corrupt system at all levels of government. If you take money from special interests, you have to give back to them or not be re-elected.

Prosecutors and judges take campaign contributions too. And what does that tell you? Follow the bouncing ball and connect the dots – money equals corruption and campaign contributions equal more corruption. Hello out there, are you listening? Keep it going? Let the good ole boys and girls run the show or stand up and stop it. Where is your voice? I do not hear it.

These counties need an ombudsman or woman, not elected but appointed like the FBI director for 10-year terms with the power to investigate and prosecute. The ombudsman or woman could be nominated by anyone and even elected but would be banned from campaigning or receiving campaign contributions of any kind. This could be done on a bicounty basis or the nominations might come from the county legislatures without regard to politics and purely on the basis of merit. In fact, political activity would be a negative.

If corruption is making you sick and you realize that it is ruining our nation, then do something about it. Support the concept of an ombudsman or woman.  Make it happen or continue to pay through the nose for the corruption that you support and engender. Dear voter: When are you going to learn how really bad it is out there? Political signs and posters should remind you that you are being insulted every time another appears or that you are dumber than dirt for having voted for someone on that basis. A political sign does not give you a respected record anymore than a credit card makes you wealthy. Let’s stop the madness.

Thomas F. Liotti
Westbury Village Justice
Garden City attorney