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The Tea Party, Egypt And the Tipping Point

The Tea Party movement since 2010 has signaled the makings of a new American Revolution, much like our Declaration of Independence in 1776. Much like the drafters of the Declaration, including Thomas Jefferson, Tea Party activists have expressed their discontent at the ballot box. However, the worldwide recession has precipitated a revolution in other parts of the world, most recently and notably in Egypt, an ally of Israel and the United States. Our Congress approved our Declaration on July 4, 1776. Even though we were breaking with our mother country, England and its King, we were living by and making a system of laws and forming a government that has enabled us to survive for more than 220 years notwithstanding our revolution known as the Civil War.

In Egypt the people are rebelling due to the impact of the world economic recession on them. Revolutions often have their origins in recessions or depressions even more so than when other essential liberties such as free speech are repressed. Egypt now represents a worldwide tipping point where those countries, which are most economically depressed, will be ripe for revolutions like that which is occurring in Egypt.

Here in the United States we are perilously close to a revolution of our own. The Rule of Law and our Constitution hold us together but the insurrection in Egypt must be viewed as a tipping point where the consequences of the worldwide recession can have revolutionary consequences here in the United States if the President and the Congress do not listen to the will of the people

The American people are overtaxed; assessments are out of whack; a new health care bill will cost all businesses 30 percent more per year; credit card companies have been allowed to charge usurious rates; payroll taxes and other tax penalties are absurdly high, fueling unemployment and driving small businesses to the brink of bankruptcy. Corporate accountability and responsibility, particularly worldwide, as evidenced by the BP oil spill, further shows our disenchantment with the ways in which the public and private sectors are being run.

We continue to act as the policemen and women of the world in Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea and elsewhere. Our presence is resented and not appreciated. As President Clinton stated in the World Economic Forum last week, we have not declined as a nation but our relative position as a world power has changed from the aftermath of World War II when we were number one to the present where we may be ranked number nine as a world power.

These shocking developments and our acceptance of the status quo or even retrenchment misread the new American and worldwide revolution that is taking place. It is an economic revolution, not an ideological one. We are at the tipping point where our Rule of Law will be tested. If leaders do not become less partisan and do not become far more responsive, then we will see our revolution turn to violence, which can then lead to anarchy and the total destruction of our form of government. We need to know this and recognize that the preservation of our government and the Rule of Law are worth fighting for but that elected representatives need to understand and abide by the will of the people. Many should resign from office because they have not acclimated to these changes. When leaders are not responsive then re-call petitions should be allowed. If they were, then term limits would not be necessary. We need to do away with lobbyists, special interests and campaign contributions. Politicians need to run on their records and let the media do its job, not Madison Avenue. The moral of the story is, be a public servant to help people not for titles and pension benefits. Alternatively, do not run for public office or if you are there, get out now.