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Lift…Uhhhhhh…Enough Already!

Written by Karen Gellender, Friday, 15 February 2013 00:00

Learning how to work out at Retro Fitness,

with pain and gain

We’ve known each other for about ten minutes, but I already have a love-hate relationship with my trainer, Joe. Right now, I hate him; he’s making me use a  machine called a shoulder press, and my shoulders are letting me know, in no uncertain terms, that pressing is the absolute last thing they feel like doing. The burning sensation in my upper body flares into a searing hatred for this friendly, muscular man. Why does he look so happy? Can’t he see I’m in pain?

For the next set, Joe pulls out a tiny pin in the back of the machine and lowers the weight I’ll be pressing for my next set by half, and suddenly, I love Joe; Joe understands me. As I coax my screaming shoulders into action again, I realize that I must have the beginnings of GSS, or Gym Stockholm Syndrome; the only psychological disorder that comes with dramatically increased cardiovascular fitness and fabulous abs.


How To Cut - Painlessly

Written by Karen Gellender, Friday, 15 February 2013 00:00
It looks like program cuts are on the horizon for the 2013-2014 school year in Jericho; much of the discussion at the most recent school board meeting was about how to make cuts as painless as possible.

Wrapping up a series of budget workshops, Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs Victor Manuel explained that while the tax cap is commonly referred to as “the two percent tax cap,” a complex formula actually determines how much districts can increase their budgets in order to come in under the legal cap. However, even with the ability to go over two percent without requiring a supermajority (which Jericho can do), there are significant challenges: for one thing, NYS Mandated Employer Contribution Rates to retirement systems and health insurance premiums will see a nearly $3 million increase in 2013-2014. The increase to employee benefits represents by far the biggest increase in the budget, and it is non-negotiable.


Femcho: More Than Girl Power

Written by Karen Gellender, Friday, 08 February 2013 00:00

Girl power has gained a lot of traction over the past few decades, and for good reason. The idea of intelligent, vivacious young women overcoming everything in their path is a powerful image that inspires girls to strive for the top.

But Tina de Lemps, founder of Femcho, a unique program that combines fitness with building friendships, confidence and emotional health for girls 5-17,  thinks girl power isn’t necessarily the be-all-end-all for girls.


Five Named Intel Semifinalists

Written by Denise Nash, Friday, 08 February 2013 00:00
Sonia Joshi, Sam Lam, Brendan Liu, Michael Shen and Raymond Wu, all students at Jericho High School, were recently named five of the 300 Semifinalists in the Intel Science Talent Search 2012, a program of Society for Science & the Public. Jericho’s five students represent the largest number of students from any school on Long Island this year.

The semifinalists of the Intel Science Talent Search were chosen from over 1,800 entrants nationwide. Each of the semifinalists, as well as their schools, receives $1,000 for this honor.


A Tiny Race To The Finish

Written by Karen Gellender, Friday, 01 February 2013 00:00

Syosset Cub Scouts race

homemade cars at Pinewood Derby

The miniature cars used in Pinewood Derby may be small enough to fit in your hand, but you’d never know it by the sounds emanating from the H.B. Thompson Middle School cafeteria on a recent Friday night.

From the way the Cub Scouts of Pack 168 screamed and cheered, one would think they were trackside at the Indianapolis 500. What the race may have lacked in scale, it made up for with enthusiasm.


Syosset HS: Two Intel Semifinalists

Friday, 01 February 2013 00:00

Syosset High School seniors Michelle Long and Jared Weiss have been named semifinalists in the 2013 Intel Science Talent Search. The prestigious honor was awarded to 300 high school seniors across the nation.

Conducting her research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Weiss Laboratory for Synthetic Biology, Long fabricated DNA circuits that can control genetic expression. This allows scientists to study the formation of tissues outside of the body and serves as a stepping stone towards examining tissue engineering that reflects realistic cell patterning. The aim of her work was to produce self-assembling micro-tissues that can control cell-to-cell attachments.


Energy Proposals: Solid Plan Or Fairy Dust?

Written by Karen Gellender Friday, 25 January 2013 00:00

Syosset Board of Ed delays vote on energy contract; staff awarded tenure

The January meeting of the Syosset Central School District School Board was another long, three-hour production. However, quite possibly for the first time since the election of newcomers Chris DiFilippo and Josh Lafazan last spring, all members seemed to be on the same page; though several votes were not unanimous, there was a sense of camaraderie and the meeting was not contentious. 

Add in appointments to tenure for popular high school principle Dr. Giovanni Durante and four other well-regarded administrators, and Jan. 14 featured the most upbeat meeting the district has had in quite a while.


Divide Us At Your Peril

Written by Karen Gellender Friday, 25 January 2013 00:00

A typical response to criticism is “If you don’t like it, let’s see you do better.” Members of the Nassau County United Redistricting Coalition did just that: they didn’t like the map that the Republican members of the redistricting advisory commission drew for the county at all, so they decided to create their own. Furthermore, unlike the commission, which had a budget of $500,000, they did it with nothing.

“With no money in our budget, we have come up with a better map— an incredible map that involves listening to the community, listening to the vast numbers of residents that showed up to the public hearings, which the commission, oddly, ignored,” said Jackson Chin for LatinoJustice, a member organization of the coalition.

At a press conference held on the steps of the Legislative Building on Monday, Jan. 14, Chin and other speakers presented the coalition’s own non-partisan map, and spoke about the importance of working toward fair redistricting. After the press conference, they formally presented the map to the county legislature.


Wires Down: Dead Or Deadly?

Written by Katie Piacentini, Friday, 18 January 2013 00:00

In the continuing aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, readers are still reporting dangling, drooping wires in their towns and villages.

There is a difference between power lines and cable wires. LIPA and Verizon said that the top two wires on utility poles are power lines. Verizon spokesperson John Bonomo said, “The reason that electric is at the top is simply for safety sake, and that no employees of any other utility needs to go near the electric wires when repairing their own facilities.”


100 Legislators Join Cuomo In Calling For Gun Reform

Friday, 18 January 2013 00:00

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s call for strong anti-gun legislation has found a chorus of support among state legislators, who have called for a broad plan to curb firepower available to criminals.

Support for the governor’s program has come from nearly 100 state legislators, after the horrific mass shootings in Newtown, Conn., that killed 20 children and siux staff members at the Sandy Hook elementary school. The support comes also after the murders of two fire fighters in Webster, N.Y., who were shot by a gunman after the gunman set a fire to lure the fire fighters.


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