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Letter: Criticizes ‘Closed Government’

Friday, 04 March 2011 00:00

In a community that is still healing from the wounds of the likes of Tassone and Gluckin, I am concerned about the closed government practices exhibited in East Hills.  The current administration runs our Village in the same way that Tassone ran the Roslyn School Board.  Trustees are complicit and allow our current mayor to do as he pleases.  In looking at last year’s board minutes (prior years are unavailable since the Village refuses to publicize them even after several FOIL requests) you can see that not once did a trustee vote against the mayor; not once.  How can the current administration claim they are “open and transparent” in their platform, and yet refuse to post board minutes from 2007-2009?  This is not asking much.  I do not think they have any idea what “open and transparent” means, unless it’s only what they want to tell you.


Letter: A Mayor Who Works Around the Clock

Friday, 04 March 2011 00:00

I write this letter in response to Joshua Lipman’s Letter to the Editor which appeared in Feb. 24 issue of The Roslyn News, (“Criticizes Salary Increases”).  The letter questions the need for the Mayor’s salary, which was increased after the Park, was obtained from the Federal Government and all the sports and recreational facilities were added. I want to state clearly from the beginning of this letter that I am an ardent supporter of Michael Koblenz as Mayor for the Village of East Hills just to make sure those who read this letter understand where I am coming from.


Letter: Criticizes Salary Increases

Friday, 25 February 2011 00:00

As I read about our new governor, Andrew Cuomo reducing his own salary by 5 percent, I can’t help to think about how East Hills Mayor Michael Koblenz has gone in the other direction.  He has raised his salary 700 percent over the last seven years.


Letter: Applauds Snow Cleanup

Friday, 25 February 2011 00:00
Kudos to East Hills officials and their crews for such a top notch and consistent response to this winter’s snowstorms. We’ve been hit hard, but the Village has responded without hesitation - they’ve kept our roads safe under difficult circumstances and they deserve recognition. We’ve seen reports in the news of poor responses and their devastating consequences to other communities.  Such is not the case in East Hills. Thank you Mayor Koblenz and your team for making sure I feel safe when I put my family in the car as we are going to order my son’s 5th birthday cake.
Rafe Lieber

Letter: Remembering Norma Perlman

Friday, 18 February 2011 00:00

The passing of Norma Perlman made me very sad. As a former Roslyn resident, I had the pleasure and honor of knowing Norma for a very long time. I first met Norma at her husband Dr. Ely Perlman’s office where she stopped by and greeted the mothers and children as they waited for their allergy shots.


Letter: How to Combat Crime

Friday, 18 February 2011 00:00

As mayor of Roslyn Estates, I second Jeff Schwartzberg’s concern about security in our village as stated in his letter to the Nassau County Police officials printed in The Roslyn News at his own request (“Greater Police Presence Needed, The Roslyn News, Feb. 10). However, it is important to get the facts straight.


Letter from North Hempstead Housing Authority

Written by Sean T. Rainey Friday, 11 February 2011 00:00

The North Hempstead Housing Authority would like to clear up some inaccuracies contained in a recent column by Michael Miller regarding Harbor View Apartments and also provide some additional information on the subject.

By way of background, the NHHA was created more than 60 years ago with a mission to develop and preserve affordable housing in the Town of North Hempstead. The Town of North Hempstead is in dire need of affordable housing. We are working on this project in support of our older residents, who are on fixed incomes and desire to continue to live in the community in which they have always been a part.


Greater Police Presence Needed

Written by Jeffrey B. Schwartzberg Friday, 11 February 2011 00:00

(The following is a letter from a Roslyn resident to Nassau County Police officials reprinted at the author’s request.)

I am writing to you today as a concerned resident in the Village of Roslyn Estates. As you probably are aware, our village has experienced an unusually high number of home invasions recently. In fact, I am aware of six that have occurred just in the past several months.  Perhaps there are more that I am unaware of. By comparison to the past few years, it seems alarming. Of course, I am sure the economy has something to do with it and I would suspect that our village is probably not the only one that has seen a rise in crime. However, with some of these break-ins occurring while our neighbors were home, I am particularly concerned about the safety and well being of my family and friends.


Letter: Chamber of Commerce Announces New Officers, Board of Directors

Friday, 04 February 2011 00:00

Before announcing the final election results to announce our 2011 Officers and Board of Directors, I just wanted to acknowledge everyone that accepted nominations for these positions.  Each and every person, by accepting a nomination, said they were willing to donate their time and efforts to help the Chamber set its course in the coming year and helping to achieve the goals that are set forth. That commitment should not go unrecognized.  So, let me again point out the ten people who were nominated for Board of Director Positions: Paula Bailey, Dr. Guillermo Gallardo, Michael Grossberg, Kathi Kassover, Miriam Konigseder, Nicole LaMonda, Joyce Muller, Chris Papazian, Shelley Silver, and Paul Trause.


Letter: ‘Flight Patterns Means More Noise’

Friday, 28 January 2011 00:00

In the article titled “Flight Pattern Set For Big Changes,” (The Roslyn News, Jan. 21, 2011) the FAA asserts that the additional traffic over the Roslyn/Manhasset area will not generate additional aircraft noise.  This assertion is contrary to the FAA’s own data that it provided in the environmental documents for this Airspace Redesign project.  The New Jersey Coalition Against Aircraft Noise (NJCAAN) has analyzed this information in detail.  Below is a summary table of our analysis of this FAA source data.  As the table illustrates, all of the aircraft noise pollution categories for Nassau County increase under the FAA’s re-routing scheme.  The increase in the 45-decibel category is centered on the Manhasset/Roslyn area and the surrounding North Shore communities.


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