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On the Bay: September 18, 2009

Your columnist received the following from Bruce Thomson, forwarded from the Editor of The Port News and thought readers may be interested as it refers back to racing on Manhasset Bay years ago and invites racers to a regatta in October. He wrote:

“Andrea Watson’s report on Bill Sandberg’s celebration of Race Weeks past suggests that there may still be lots of fans of the celebration of one design sailing that was Race Week back in the Sixties. If so, those people may be interested in an upcoming regatta, the U S Sailing Championship of Champions to be held at the Carlyle Sailing Association 50 miles east of St. Louis on October 14-17.

“I remember Manhasset Bay Race Week as a collection of terrific sailors racing classic one designs in an event put on by a great yacht club. The sailors ran the gamut from legends such as George Hinman to up and coming young women (Timmie Larr) to future stars (Bruce Nelson). Anyone who liked that will love the lineup for the CofC. Leading off will be Dick Tillman representing the Kona class sailboard, but better known as the man who literally wrote the book on Laser sailing. Then come the Rolex Yachtsmen and Woman of the Year Jeff Linton (the defending CofC champ), Augie Diaz (Snipe) and Allison Jolly (420). Throw in a few classic one design champions, Allan Terhune (Lightning), Greg Fisher (Thistle), Skip Dieball (Highlander) and Mike Martin (505). And add a few youths, Stephanie Hudson (Club 420), Olin Payne (Club Flying Junior), Mateo Vargas (Laser Radial) and Christopher Williford (Optimist). Top it all off with a ‘Mystery Guest.’ That is quite a lineup!

“The races will be a round robin in Lightnings. Anyone who remembers those Race Weeks remembers this classic Olin Stephens design. Even the regatta chairman will be a two time Lightning North American Champion, Matt Burridge. CSA is a real hotbed of Lightning sailors.

“Finally, there will be this. I remember the MBYC as the paradigm of race management. You could just cruise up and get your race circular handed to you by bamboo pole. The circular was a marvel of information. I hope I learned my lessons well as I will be PRO for the CofC.”

Bruce Thompson

The bay has been a busy place these past weeks as weekend racers, power boaters and families out for a day of leisure took advantage of the good wind and weather before the fall season begins. Catching up on some of the scores from our racers, beginning with the Thirsty Thursday results: For the combined spring and summer series: Div I ( 10 boats, 3 qualified): 1. Ripple, John Towers, 2. Nordlys, Bob Schwartz and 3. Leverage, Buhr. Div. II (11 boats, 5 qualified): 1. Rosie, Ron Fink, 2. Vision, Marc Epstein, 3. Andiamo, Paul Strauch, 4. Xcite, Yalcin Tarhan, and 5. Irish Blessing, Ed Gillen. Div. III (15 boats, 10 qualified): 1. En Passant, Bob Ebenau, 2. Sundance, Joel Ziev, and 3. Naked Dance, Adam Bleifeld. Some individual Thursday scores: Aug 20: Div. I: (6 boats, Course UJC, 6.6 nm): 1. Avalanche, Al Albrecht, 2. Ripple, John Towers, and 3. Leverage, Buhr. Div. II (7 boats, Course UC, 5.48 nm): 1. Andiamo, Paul Strauch, 2. Vision, Marc Epstein, and 3. Xcite, Yalcin Tarhan. Div III (12 boats, Course UC, 5.48 nm): 1. En Passant, Bob Ebenau, 2. Sundance, Joel Ziev, and 3. Sunshine, Richard Raskin. Aug 27: Div I (3 boats, Course BZB, 2.62 nm): 1. Leverage, 2. Nordlys and 3. Ripple. Div II (5 boats, Course BZB, 2.62 nm): 1. Rosie, 2. Andiamo, and 3. Irish Blessing. Div III (6 boats, Course BZU, 2.11 nm): 1. Sundance, 2. Naked Dance, and 3. En Passant. Sept 10: (5 boats, Course AC, 5.16 nm): 1. Grace, Gene Gold, 2. Ripple, and 3. Leverage. Div. II (4 boats, Course AI, 4.08 nm): 1. Andiamo, 2. Vision, and 3. Rosie. Div III (9 boats, Course AI, 4.08 nm): 1. Eudaimonia, Dan Catanzaro, 2. Sunshine, and 3. Sundance.

Scores for weekend racing: Aug 22: Sonars, Race 1 (13 boats) 1. #451, Ping, Sue Miller/John Browning, 2. #652, Jonathan Siener, 3. #421, Weekend Warrior, Bill Simon/Dan Simon, 4. #395, Delight, Bob Kirtland, and 5. #568, Laurie B 2, Bob Baskind. Race 2 (13 boats): 1. Jonathan Siener, 2. Ping, 3. Weekend Warrior, 4. #732, and 5. #395, Delight. MBO Race 1 (3 boats, 1 DNF): 1. #9, Miss B Haven, Ralph Heinzerling, and 2. #5, Escapade, Dick Moore/Ned Baker. Race 2 (3 boats): 1. Miss B Haven, 2. Escapade, and 3. #17, Frolic, Bill Martin. Sun. Aug 23: Sonar, Race 1 (11 boats): 1. #677, Serendipity, Allyn Solomon, 2. Jonathan Siener, 3. Weekend Warrior, 4. $573, Selhun, Bahar Gidwani, and 5. #726, Michael Aingorn. Race 2 (14 boats): 1. Weekend Warriors, 2. Ping, 3. Jonathan Siener, 4. #726 and 5. #732. MBO finishes: Race 1( 3 boats): 1. Miss B Haven, 2. Frolic, and #11, Silver Foxes, Clay Davenport/Curt Champlin. Race 2 (2 boats): 1. Frolic and 2. Silver Foxes. Scores for Sat, Sept. 5: Sonars, Race 1 (13 boats): 1. #753, 2. Delight, 3. #375, Housemartin, 4. Serendipity, and 5. #442, Dreadlox, Neil Bercow. MBO (3 boats): 1. Escapade, 2. Miss B Haven, and 3. Frolic. Sept. 6: Sonar Race 1 (15 boats, 1 DNF): 1. Delight, 2. #732, 3. #753, 4. #470, Windy, Bill McCollum/Bill Siener/Tom Smyth/Reed Whittemore, and 5. Michael Aingorn. Race 2: (14 boats): 1. Delight, 2. Michael Aingorn, 3. #729, 4. Windy, and 5. #734. Monday, Sept.7 Sonar Race 1 (12 boats): 1. #732, 2. Ping, 3. Delight, 4. #734, and 5. #753. Race 2 (11 boats, 2 OCS) 1. Ping, 2. #732, 3. #753, 4. Laurie B 2, and 5. #734. MBO scores: (4 boats): 1. Miss B Haven, 2. Silver Foxes, and 3. Escapade.

The Third “Dennis Conner International Yacht Club Challenge” was held in New York Harbor from August 19 to 22, 2009. Nineteen teams from 13 countries competed in this unique event which promotes international goodwill through friendly competition. Countries represented included: Bermuda, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Monaco, The Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Spain, United Kingdom & United States. Organized by the New York Harbor Sailing Foundation, the event was held at the Manhattan Sailing Club in Lower Manhattan.

This regatta is unique because it brings together amateur club sailors from around the world. The competition is excellent but the main focus is on international goodwill. The host club provides race ready J/24 sailboats for all teams making it easy for club sailors to participate. During the regatta, protests are discouraged, unlimited crew changes are permitted and some clubs field 2 teams of sailors. At the end of the regatta, teams present their own gifts to teams which finish directly behind them in the standings. All in all, it makes for a super friendly regatta and an incredible international experience. Details of next year’s event can be found at

Final results: 1 USA - Manhattan Sailing Club, Monaco - Yacht Club de Monaco, 3 Bermuda - Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, 4 Mexico - Club Natico Valle de Bravo, 5 Norway - Oslo Seilforening, 6 Ireland - Royal St George YC, 7 USA - South Carolina Yacht Club, 8 Germany - Die Alsterpiraten, 9 United Kingdom - Royal Dee Yacht Club, 10 Italy - Yacht Club Bergamo, 11 Monaco - Yacht Club de Monaco, 12 USA - Manhattan Sailing Club, 13 The Netherlands - Koninklijke Roei en Zeilvereeniging “De Maas”, 14 Italy - Yacht Club Bergamo, 15 Scotland - Loch Morlich Sailing Club, 16 France - Societe Nautique de Marseille, 17 Spain - Centro Internacional de Navegacion de Arousa, 18 Germany - Duesseldorfer Yachtclub e.V., 19 Spain - Centro Internacional de Navegacion de Arousa.