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Letter: Radio Frequency Emissions

The jury is in: Radio Frequency (RF) emissions – those coming from microwave ovens, cellular phones and communication tower base stations produce substantial electromagnetic radiation (EMF). There is no standard for safe levels of exposure. Each country sets its own level of safety and the U.S. level is among the highest.

While all people and wildlife populations are at risk, children are the most vulnerable. The closer you are to RF devices the more the absorption. Studies in Germany, Brazil, Israel, and England point to strong evidence the EM radiation from cell towers is damaging to health. Empirical evidence leaves little doubt as to the danger of this invisible threat.

Cell tower numbers have grown exponentially in recent years. Something obviously not projected by Telecommunications Act of 1996. Numbers are in the hundreds of thousands. Most don’t have to be registered with the FCC. The public has scant knowledge as to location and exposure.

While thermal (heat) levels can be calculated in numbers, biological levels can be measured in blood levels of serotonin and melatonin (hormones). Measured in immune system changes. Measured in a wide range of cancers in individuals living within 400 meters of towers. When on rooftops, residents on top floors complain of health problems. Locally, a nearby school removed a cell apparatus when three female employees working on the top three floors were diagnosed with a type of cancer.

Effects of a cell tower on a herd of dairy cattle was conducted in Bavaria and published in 1998. The study equated the EMF generated by a pasture tower as producing extreme stress on the animals. Cows displayed conjunctivitis and itching. Many turned their heads in the same direction, away from the transmitting antenna. Put out to graze, they did so briefly and then sought cover behind the barn. Milk production decreased by half. There were changes in milk composition. Those who recently calved showed trembling and weakness. Some died in a few weeks. Autopsy showed acute heart/circulatory collapse and bleeding from organs! Cows that separated from their original herd and moved 20 kilometers away from the EMF after five days did not show abnormalities and returned to full milk production.

Low-frequency magnetic fields can penetrate any matter. High-frequency magnetic fields can cause biological effects. This “Electro smog” cannot be discounted. While not seen, heard, tasted, or smelled this lurking danger can be felt with ill health or ultimately death.

To paraphrase Jane Goodall: when you are aware you care; when you care you do something. Call your village, town, county, state, and federal government today!

Barbara Mallon