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Letter: In Response to Michael Mandel’s Letter

I read Michael Mandel’s letter in the September 29 issue of Port Washington News. From another perspective, he should realize that American tax dollars are currently used to bankroll the Palestinian Authority’s government.

If the U.S. is bankrolling the Palestinians, then does America have the right to insure that the P.A. does not use our money to teach its children to hate the State of Israel and Jewish people? I wonder what Mr. Mandel’s point of view would be if Israel used our money in similar conduct as to Moslems. America should also insist that the Palestinian Authority (the P.A.) should also not be aligned with those nations who are currently striving to get nation after nation to cease trading with Israel. Imagine if Israel was engaged in similar conduct toward the P.A.

According to Mr. Mandel’s thinking, if Israel is using American money and is acting in the name of America, then the P.A. government is supposedly acting in the name of Moslems. I assume that means that Moslem supporters have a moral responsibility to be informed and to speak out when Palestinians act in unjust and un-Islamic ways. I call your attention to the Israeli soldier who, a few years back, was taken captive by Moslems in the “West Bank” and had his throat publicly slashed. The murderer exhibited both of his bloodied hands to the cheering Palestinian people watching. I suggest that conduct was contrary to the teaching of Islam and should have been condemned but not a single responsible Moslem leader, Moslem supporter or Mr. Mandel spoke out to condemn that horror.

While there have been wars waged against Israel by Moslem nations that should act as Israel’s neighbors, those neighbors have caused death and destruction and refused to make peace with Israel when they lost. The P.A. and Mr. Mandel were both silent while 8,000 rockets were being fired into Israeli cities from the Gaza strip. In the meanwhile, Israel’s hospitals, doctors and nurses continued and still continue to treat Palestinian patients.

It may be that Moslems and their supporters aren’t aware of the terrible ways that many Moslems behave as regards Israelis and Jewish people. Does Mr. Mandel remember the Palestinians that murdered the Israeli athletes at the Olympic games? Does he remember the many planes that were attacked by the P.A. and the many people who were killed? Does he remember the unarmed cruise ship that was captured by P.A. members and the crippled, wheel chair-bound Leon Klinghoffer who was murdered and thrown overboard solely because he was a Jew?

Does Mr. Mandel criticize Moslem countries for not allowing entrance to people that have visited Israel?

There are many Moslems who either don’t remember or even deny that the Holocaust took place during World War II. Perhaps those same people do not know or want the world to remember that prior to World War II the Grand Mufti of Palestine was an open supporter of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party and we Jews are still suffering from the hatred that that man spewed.

Does Mr. Mandel align himself with the P.A. and other Moslem countries that published their goal, which is to push Israel into the sea? Does he ally himself with those Moslems who openly proclaim that all Jewish people, wherever they may be found, are legitimate targets for Jihad? Does he know and understand the Islamic concepts of Dar al Islam and Dar al Harb?

We have had enough hatred spewed against Israel and Jewish people. I pray that this coming year will be a year without hatred but will be a year of peace and justice for Moslems, the State of Israel, the Jewish people and Michael Mandel.

Donald Peshkin