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Letter: Remembering John Broza

Friday, 05 August 2011 00:00
A legend was born on July 31, 1939 in Rutland, Vermont, and that same legend recently passed away on July 26 on Long Island; John Broza, former English teacher, whose career began at Schreiber High School in 1961 and whose career included department chair for 18 years, will be missed by many. John was a longtime resident of Glen Cove, NY.   

John attended the University of Vermont as an undergraduate and served as a representative to the college and an active interviewer for years to come, thereby assisting numerous Schreiber grads in their admittance to the university. John attended Brown University for his graduate studies, which is a testimony to his brilliance, before being recruited to work in the English Department at Paul D. Schreiber High School.


Letter: Helicopters

Friday, 29 July 2011 00:00

Kudos to Len Schaier on his unswerving dedication to monitor the incessant annoyance and noise pollution created by helicopters flying over Port Washington, specifically over Port Washington North. As reported in the July 21 issue of Port Washington News, he’s to be commended on his efforts. As a “pioneer” who brought this issue into the open several years ago, I was mocked by a resident of Port, who shall remain nameless, but reading this, he’ll know who I am referring to, who professed to be an “aviation expert.” He espoused the position that this problem is exaggerated and it doesn’t merit concern! This, in spite of the fact that even Dr. Geoffrey Gordon, our school superintendent, joined my concern about the safety of these helicopter flights, expressing his fears in a letter to the editor of Port News of a potential crash with dire consequences. There are documented helicopter crashes which occurred several years ago on Long Island. With all of the recent articles reporting vehement objections to these fly-overs by citizens across the North Shore of Long Island, and Len Schaier’s efforts, I feel vindicated! The helicopter issue is further exacerbated by the infamous runway 22L at JFK which rattles the ears and nerves in several L.I. communities as reported in recent articles in Newsday and in the July 21 issue Port News, page 6, under the heading “Meeting to Be Held on Danger from the Sky.”


Letter: Roslyn Country Club

Friday, 29 July 2011 00:00

I am writing about the issue involving the Town of North Hempstead take-over of the Roslyn Country Club. This is a letter filled with questions because we are very confused about the answers (non-answers) that have been given by Supervisor Kaiman, Councilman Dwyer, and the Town Board. Whether one is reading about this issue in the papers, in fliers, or attending town hearings, the public is left wondering (wandering) more, not less, about what is happening with this property. Clearly, Supervisor Jon Kaiman and his board should have addressed these issues a while ago.

At first, it seemed that Mr. Kaiman wanted to purchase the R.C.C. but now may want to lease the property. We ask: “What?” “When?” “Why did this happen?”


Letter: Improvements to Traffic Flow at Shore Road and Main Street

Friday, 22 July 2011 00:00

(Editor’s note: This letter was sent to Town Councilman Fred Pollack and to Port Washington News for publication).

After 41 years, I am glad the Town of North Hempstead has finally physically started to address the traffic problems at Shore Road and Main Street in Port Washington. However, in doing so, more safety and traffic hazards have been created than have been solved.

Over the years, I have been told by both town and Nassau County employees that I am not a “traffic engineer” and that is correct, but I do have 55 years of “eyeballs” on lower Main Street.


Letter: A Response to ‘Yoga? You Go!’

Friday, 22 July 2011 00:00

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the comical aspect of reading, “A Look on the Light Side” in a recent issue of the Port News, I fear that some readers may take the article “literally” so I must respond.

I have been studying yoga for over 20 years. At times, I too, have been a new student entering a new class to learn new movements, and always felt optimistic when entering. There is a calm, welcoming feeling that permeates every yoga class that I have ever attended. Although the author stated, “… the classmates, lithe, leggy beings. I felt like an alien... from a shorter, rounder planet,” it must be stated for the record that like spinning or zumba classes that I have taken, yoga students in every class, come in all sizes and shapes. In fact, those that can’t complete a pose usually get positive reinforcement for just being there from the teacher as well as from the students.


Letter: Sen. Martins’ Historically Wrong Vote

Friday, 15 July 2011 00:00

While I am proud to live in a state that will soon recognize same sex marriages, I am angry and disgusted that our state senator, Jack Martins, voted against Marriage Equality. Rather than stand for justice and fairness, he took the shameful position that two committed partners of the same gender are unfit to be married.


Letter: Gambol 2011 Thanks the Community of Port Washington

Friday, 15 July 2011 00:00

On behalf of the parents of the Schreiber graduating Class of 2011, we want to say a heartfelt thank you to our amazing community. Nowhere else on earth is there a “Senior Prom” given with such love and dedication by so many people in a town. When we have tried to describe to people how special our Gambol is, they just respond with disbelief. A year of fundraising, brainstorming, negotiating, designing and planning goes into the special five-hour event that our children will never forget. A “prom” is just like any other party that our children have gone to throughout the years: bar/bat mitzvas, communions, sweet 16’s, etc. A catered party at a hall that will have another carbon copy tomorrow and everyday after. Knowing that our Gambol was a unique design, by a unique combination of personalities and talents is what makes this a singular event.


Viewpoint: July 6, 2011

Written by Michael A. Miller Friday, 08 July 2011 00:00


I am often slow on the uptake, so I’m struggling to get this straight in my mind. The North Hempstead Town Board is willing to purchase an actual former country club in Roslyn Heights in order to satisfy many of the neighboring residents. Meanwhile, the same board will go no further than to authorize a “legal and environmental analysis” of beleaguered Alvan Petrus Park off Harbor Road in Port Washington.


A Look on The Light Side: July 6, 2011

Written by Judy Epstein Friday, 08 July 2011 00:00

Yoga? You Go!

Yoga has swept the nation. I should know. It swept me right off my feet – and I can’t get up!

Clue One should have been the name: Kripalu Yoga... or, as my husband pronounces it, “Cripple you.”

Clue Two comes with my classmates: lithe, leggy beings. I feel like an alien… from a shorter, rounder planet. One with stronger gravity.


Letter: In Favor of Derelict Building Ordinance

Friday, 01 July 2011 00:00

On June 14, Dan Donatelli, co-president of Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington, read the following statement to the Town Board:

Members of the Town Board, good evening. My name is Daniel Donatelli, and I am co-president of Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington.

I am here this evening to speak in support of this important legislation.


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