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Your indifference to the requests of the residents of Manorhaven impels me to write this article. What is most disturbing is that you ridicule and criticize anyone you consider an opponent of your administration, especially at past monthly meetings and your various writings.

All residents are well aware of problems that have resurfaced since you have entered office, most specifically the over-occupancy of homes and the chaos on Manorhaven Boulevard, especially between Hickory and Graywood Roads. Large groups of youths, including gang members, congregate there causing havoc, vandalism and creating graffiti on private property as well as using building hallways as toilets. Instead of attacking the problem itself after each occurrence, the village buildings superintendent finds it easier to pressure the merchants to remove the graffiti in an expeditious manner. Be aware Mr. Mayor, that residents are frightened to walk through the area, especially in the evening.

You seem to want to hear only good things about your leadership, while refusing to honor residents’ complaints. You dismiss all anonymous allegations as well as those who make allegations of problem over-occupied homes in person to you directly and/or the buildings superintendent. Instead, you operate a form of government incessantly pursuing political vendettas.

The time is rapidly approaching when the people of our village will not listen to the multitude of rhetoric spewed by your political party and the use of the Manorhaven Village News at the expense of the taxpayers, to chastise alleged political opponents.

You scrutinize every word and sentence in the Concerned Citizens of Manorhaven Civic Association newsletter subsequently entering criticism in the Manorhaven Village News. Another effort by you to discredit citizens who are making the residents aware of events in the village, community news and what is taking place in our village structure and proceedings. The Concerned Citizens of Manorhaven is the only viable/active civic association in Manorhaven with a long list of accomplishments. Your reaction to the newsletter reveals your insecurity in office, however, the coverage you allotted to Concerned Citizens newsletters and the civic association's executive board (approximately 3/4 of the July 2003 Manorhaven Village News) is much appreciated. Please continue to give CCM so much print. It reveals that you do have concern of the Concerned Citizens of Manorhaven Civic Association. Be advised that CCM's membership is increasing, thanks mostly to you and the editor of the Manorhaven Village News.

As you are aware, two of your trustees are members of this prolific and vibrant civic association. I have great respect for trustees David Nick DiLucia and John DiLeo Jr. whose families, unlike yourself, are longtime village residents whom I have known practically a lifetime. Mr. DiLucia comes from a law enforcement oriented family and Mr. John DiLeo of a hardworking business background. Both were raised in Manorhaven and I am certain will listen and honor the complaints, requests and allegations brought forth by their families, neighbors and many friends.

Your only platform from the inception has been the bashing of a former mayor who had upon taking office set up a village administrative structure, swiftly eradicating the tumultuous and numerous problems that had reached its apex in 1991. You have been successful to date in this ploy. Being that you moved into our community after the former mayor eliminated the major problems in the village, you did not experience the chaotic and deplorable conditions that existed at the time. Instead, you reaped the benefits of a previous administration and basked in its glory. However, those same problems have resurfaced during your leadership, which you choose to ignore, sticking your head in the sand and hoping it will all go away. Remember, "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but it is difficult to fool all of the people all of the time."

You have taken the credit for high home values in our village (as also exists throughout Long Island) as a result of your leadership. But with the condition of the village deteriorating each day will you take the responsibility and pressure should the home values go down?

I must say that your zeal for vendettas is only excelled by your high degree of incompetence in solving serious problems that are presently rampart in our village. Your current supporters will eventually see your deficiencies, shortcomings and disrespect for our people.

To date you have been living in the Wonderful World of Oz, but the time has arrived when you must face up to the reality of the responsibilities of your office.

In closing may I add that I am anticipating your customary responses, and that of your editor of the Manorhaven Village News, in novelette form.

Since when has it become a problem to attend a meeting at town hall and express an opinion? Why was it necessary for many residents from the Bogart area to demean the people representing the school district at that meeting?

On Sept. 9th there was a hearing regarding a parking issue where an inexcusable display of rude and infantile behavior persisted. When the assistant superintendent of business attempted to speak, she was insulted by the attending Bogart audience. Her competence was questioned through derogatory accusations and other inappropriate attacks continued when it was suggested that teachers could afford to lose some weight by walking the stairs from Monfort. Is this a reasonable, adult-like approach to a problem? Then an honor student who was there to represent Schreiber's licensed, student drivers was heckled and had to withstand uncalled for, childlike comments while attempting to finish her statement. What kind of example did these residents display for the students in attendance that evening? This is nothing short of appalling and there was nothing polite about themeeting as someone suggested in a letter last week.

As a resident of Port, a teacher and a club advisor I am terribly disappointed about the way in which the meeting was conducted. I would never have encouraged students to attend a meeting had I known they would be mistreated by adults from their very community. It's one thing to make a case for a particular point of view and quite another to reduce oneself to such belligerent actions and lose sight of fairness and decorum. Logo
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