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I am writing to respond to the leftwing propaganda penned by Michael Miller regarding the upcoming tax rebate check in the July 12 Port Washington News. About the only sentence I agree with him is the advocacy of sending the check to charitable organizations if you see fit. However, the rest of his viewpoint is loaded with misleading and obviously leftwing doctrine.

Misstatement #1 - Where is this groundswell of resentment regarding the tax cut? Maybe with a few Democratic leaders and liberal journalists like him who are fabricating a groundswell for political purposes. Even by some slight evidence of truth, there is a groundswell, then tax sadists like him who like paying taxes can endorse the check back to the federal government. Look at it as protest, while the rest of us welcome the money. It has been a long time since a politician looked to actually give the people's money back as opposed to always taking it.

Misstatement #2 - If tax rebates weren't a top priority for Americans, then why is George W. Bush the president? It was one of his main themes during the presidential campaign. Maybe he and his liberal cronies and tax-paying masochists didn't think it was a priority, but many Americans did.

Misstatement #3 - He suggests the tax cut money would be better spent on education, Social Security, Medicare and energy. First of all, the Department of Education cannot account for over $1 billion of taxpayers money for the last three years of Clinton's term. The New York City school system receives exorbitant amounts of money and is a disaster. How about a novel concept in accountability and reform from the public school system before we give it any more of our money. Secondly, President Bush is currently addressing Social Security and Medicare concerns. Clinton and your ilk chose to demagogue these programs instead of fixing them. Lastly, is the energy priority. Interestingly, that after eight years of nothing but mismanagement from Clinton's Department of Energy, we finally have an administration that crafted an energy policy. But he and his liberal cronies once again chose to demagogue, because they are void of any ideas. Conversation and alternative energy sources are a small solution to fix the problem. What we need is production, otherwise, we are at the mercy of those thieves at OPEC.

Misstatement #4 - Once again, who besides Democratic leadership and liberals like him perceive the rebate checks as a public relations gimmick? Most of the working people I know are looking forward to the money. I repeat. If he thinks it is a gimmick, then send it back to the federal government. The biggest gimmick coming out of Washington is how much spending of our money is going on without accountability and responsibility.

Misstatement #5 - He claims 35 million Americans do not receive a rebate check. Duh, that is because they do not pay taxes. Between deductions and their income level, they become exempt. This is the one of the few truthful statements he made. He is aghast however, that they pay payroll taxes. Well, shouldn't they since they expect to get Social Security benefits later on in life? Does he suggest rebating them for the Social Security payroll taxes? Doesn't he think that would hamper his concern for Social Security? What a hypocrite.

Misstatement #6 - So what if the top 20 percent of income earners and top 1 percent of income earners get most of the monetary value of the tax cut. Hello, they pay most of the taxes. Without these people there would be no money for any of the priorities he mentioned. On a percentage basis, those in the middle class got a greater percentage of the tax cut than those in the upper middle class. Once again if tax and spend liberals like him disagree with the rebate, then give it back.

He is a tax happy fraud who gears his article to make it look like he cares about the working people. But all he and those who think like him do is continue to tax the working people to death. I welcome the rebate and will use it on my family and thank the president for giving me back some of my money.

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