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In our little hamlet, approximately 67 percent of the registered voters cast their ballots on Nov.7. (As a point of information, there are approximately 19,835 registered voters in Port Washington.). The word among politicos is that Port is an independently-minded "swing" town which is usually up for grabs, depending on the candidates. The voting in this election confirms that notion.

Here in Port, Gore/Lieberman took 60 percent of the vote, while Bush/Cheney took only 36 percent, and Green Party Nader/Duke won a little less than 3 percent of the vote here.

Interestingly, U.S. Senatorial candidates Hillary Clinton and Rick Lazio ran neck to neck in town, garnering 6,481 and 6,535 respectively. As one would expect, Liberal Party and Working Family Party supporters voted for Hillary (136 and 172 respectively), and, not surprisingly, Lazio earned the 294 Conservative Party votes.

In the race for U.S. Congressman, State Assemblyman and State Senate, the incumbents were all returned to office.

Port voters helped incumbent Democrat Gary Ackerman win his 10th term in Congress. Here, he clocked his Republican opponent Edward Elkowitz 2 to 1, 7,028 to 3,530. In the 5th Congressional Ackerman received 34,828, while Elkowitz got 13,380 votes.

One of Port's favorite Democrats, incumbent Assemblyman Tom DiNapoli received a whopping 7,922 votes to his Republican challenger, Jerome Galluscio's, 3,605. The rest of the sixteenth assembly district evidently agreed with Port voters, giving DiNapoli 33,099 and Galluscio only 14,045.

However, despite the fact that incumbent Republican State Senator Mike Balboni lost in Port by a slim margin to his Democratic opponent Jon Brooks, 5,747 to 5,825, the senator was re-elected in the seventh senatorial district with an impressive 57 percent of the vote in his district. Evidently, Senator Balboni managed to withstand the Nassau County GOP's political woes.

The judicial races had their own story this year, with the Democrats making a "major breakthrough," according to the Nassau County Democratic Leader Tom DiNapoli, who is also our new re-elected State Assemblyman. He added that he is delighted with the judicial wins in Nassau County, which include surrogate judge, all three Hempstead district courts, two North Hempstead district races, and the State Supreme Court race where the Democrats won six out of eight seats.

Following is a breakdown, by party, of the vote tallies for Port Washington.

The party abbreviations are as follows: REP-Republican; DEM-Democrat; IND-Independent; CON-Conservative: LIB-Liberal; RTL-Right to Life; GRN-Green; WF-Working Families; CST-Constitution; SWP-Socialist Workers; BR-Buchanan Reform; LBT-Libertarians.

A special thanks to Hal Doliner for all his help in obtaining this information.

(Note: These figures do not include absentee ballots.)

Bush/Cheney (REP) total 4,743

Rep.-4,538; Con.-205

Gore/Lieberman (DEM) total 7.867

Dem.-7,550; Lib.-160; WF-157

Hagelin/Goldhaber (IND) total 44


Buchanan/Foster (RTL)- total 32

RTL-27; BR-5

Nader/Duke (GRN) total 369


Harris/Trowe (SWP) total 1


Brown/Oliver (LBT) total 12


Phillips/Frazier (CST) total 1


Rick Lazio (REP) total 6,535

REP-6,241; CON-294

Hillary Clinton (DEM) total 6,481

DEM-6,173; :LIB-136; WF-172

Jeffrey Graham (IND) total 57


John Adefope (RTL) total 33

Mark Dunau (GRN) total 70


Louis Wein (CST) total 3


Jacob Perasso (SWP) total 4

John Clifton (LBT) total 7


Ruth Balkin (REP) total 4,325

REP-3,851; CON-240; RTL 234

William LaMarca (DEM) total 6,404

DEM-6,111; LIB-154; WF-139

Peter Cohalan (REP) total 4,196

REP-3,712; CON-240; RTL-244

Sandra Sgroi (DEM) total 6,492

DEM-6,061; IND-128; LIB-156; WF-147

Albert D'Agostino (REP) total 4,347

REP-4,066; CON-281

Ira Raab (DEM) total 6,165

DEM-5,590; IND-109; LIB-135; GRN-214; WF-117

Gail Prudente (REP) total 4,620

REP-4,133; CON-238; RTL-249

John Bivona (DEM) total 6,414

DEM-5,990; IND 134; LIB-144; WF-146

Thomas Feinman (REP) total 4,130

REP-3.653; CON-235; RTL-242

Michele Woodard (DEM) total 6.453


Salvatore Alamia (REP) total 3,892

REP-3.655; RTL-237

Thomas Whelan (DEM) total 6.538

DEM-6,033; IND 135; CON-221; WF-149

Milton Falk (LIB) total 154


Madeleine Fitzgibbon (REP) total 4,070

REP-3,807; RTL-263

Richard Ambro (DEM) total 6,307

DEM-5,918; IND-124;LIB- 127; WF-138

Cheryl Zimmer (CON) total 281


Patrick Barton (REP) total 3,770

REP-3,533; RTL-237

Stephen Grossman (DEM) 6,315

DEM-6,007; (LIB) 158; WF-150

Randolf Spelman (CON) total-225


Patrick McCarthy (IND) total 11


John DiNoto (REP) total 4,365

REP-3,899; CON-223; (RTL) 243

John Riordan (DEM) total 6,619

DEM-6,094; IND-135; LIB-128; GRN-113; WF-149

Arthur Diamond (REP) total 4,339

REP-3,703; CON-230; RTL-293; GRN-113

Claire Weinberg (DEM) 6,736

DEM-6,294; IND-146; LIB-144; WF-152

Barry Dennis (REP) total 4,326

REP-3,771; CON-229; RTL-235; GRN-91

Scott Fairgrieve (DEM) total 5,646

DEM- 5,242; IND-128; LIB-130; WF-146

Alan Reardon (REP) total 4,357

REP-3,908; CON-229; RTL-220

Jonathan Kaiman (DEM) total 6,357

DEM-5,855; IND-109; LIB-135; GRN-120; WF-139

Edward Elkowitz (REP) total 3,530

REP-3,302; CON-228

Gary Ackerman (DEM) 7,028

DEM-6,593; IND-146; LIB-146; WF-143

Anne Robinson (RTL) total 206


Michael Balboni (REP) total 5,747

REP-5,249; IND-237; CON-261

Jon Brooks (DEM) total 5,825

DEM-5,545; LIB-131; WF-149

Joseph Casio (RTL) total 151


Jerome Galluscio (REP) total 3,605

REP-3,212; CON-194; RTL-199

Thomas DiNapoli (DEM) total 7,922

DEM-7,377; IND-201; LIB-161; WF-183 Logo
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