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Hillary Clinton is right! This had to be the biggest right-wing conspiracy of all time...

Think about the four years of Ken Starr's investigation--No Whitewater indictments, no Travelgate indictments, which it was to investigate; and he comes up with nothing! How do you justify the expenditure of $40 million! He has to think of something...

Maybe I'm stretching, but Ken is biting his nails and knows he has nothing. He sees President Clinton embrace dear, coy Monica in a crowd. "Ah ha! Let's get this girl and mount the biggest frameup of all times. Seduce the president, record everything, and get Linda Tripp to tape their conversations." You need something to corroborate their scheme. Monica claims she really loves the president; and yet she goes chapter and verse in telling dear little Linda all that supposedly happened between them. However, just in case Linda chickens out she kept a diary of all her supposed sexual encounters with the president and furthermore saves a dress stained with the president's semen; and tells her mother to save it for her.

I'm a mother; and my daughter was once 24. Sure I can understand that perhaps a daughter is a little unsure of herself and tells her mother she's having an affair with a married man. Any mother of substance first would tell her daughter, "Please, I don't want to know his name, but what you are doing is morally wrong." I would be understanding as we all are human and make mistakes, "but please put an end to this." But no, not only does she tell her mother about the affair, but asks her to keep the evidence; and her mother keeps the stained dress. What kind of mother does that if not to retain evidence to crush someone? These guys (Starr's crew) are real professionals. Then they call in Monica and tell her to deny everything lulling the president in the false belief that a sexual affair was denied. And like any red blooded male, he denies all charges. Who wouldn't? After all a lot of people would be hurt.

Next they call Monica's mother to testify. The web is getting tighter and tighter. Here again, what decent mother would relate intimate conversations she had with her daughter; unless she too is part of this conspiracy.

They call Monica back giving her full immunity from prosecution and she talks and talks about their intimacies after her initial denials.

There may have been sex of one sort or another between these two consenting adults; but to tear down a President in this fashion is deplorable. Is the Far-right so full of hate? Are they willing to go to any extreme to humiliate our president, his wife, and daughter. No Whitewater, no Travelgate, so the best they can come up with is Sexgate. If this is the case, we as a nation are in really big trouble. They ought to be ashamed to print a copy of Monica's fantasies. I don't want to read about anyone's sexual exploits. I'm ashamed of my country to allow tabloid sensationalism to be printed in every newspaper, TV, and the Internet; and the constant moralizing I hear on TV. Talk about cruelty; why not use the ancient method of punishment by stoning him? He's already been crucified by the media and Ken Starr.

I don't like hearing about the president's affairs any more than I like hearing about Kennedy's, Eisenhower's, Roosevelt's, Harding, or any other human being.

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