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Letter: A Wife’s Response

Wow!!!! After the intense rambling of finger pointing and personal attacks I hardly noticed your letter’s contents!! I too Mr. Rule am a long time Manhasset resident whose family bought in Munsey Park around the same time your family did. My dad bought here for the quick commute to the city, not for the school system, since I went to private school and my husband attended St. Mary’s. My husband also taught college for several years and many of our friends are teachers. It is a noble profession and certainly one to be respected. However, I do not believe it has a monopoly on dedication or professionalism. John and I have been in the business world much the same amount of time as you have been an educator with many high-end clients. Never once did I feel because I work with people who are higher earners than we too should be able to afford to live where they live.

OK, Mr. Rule, so his statement of you’re getting your entire health care paid for was an honest error BUT I would take 78% of our health care paid for by the taxpayers any day over 100% that we now pay! I too know many Manhasset residents and John is not trying to educate any of them. But, the majority are footing the bill for a few and that is just NOT fair!!!

As far as Mr. Penn joining committees, he actually did run for the board of education several years back with no vested interest other than wanting a more fiscally responsible Manhasset and did very well. And, if the vote were limited to those who pay the taxes, it would have been a far different outcome. Instead of being commended for his willingness to donate his limited time with no vested interest, he was attacked by a parent acting as one of the school systems soldiers that said since we had no children in the school system we had no right to run because those were our constituents.

Having an MBA and 34 years of business experience, I think we don’t need an education from you Mr. Rule. Not to mention my husband’s vast resume of corporate experience so much that the VP of United States Trust company personally wrote him to applaud him on his business credentials. He was appalled by those who were attacking us for not having children yet still wanting to run as very short sighted. I would like to point out that we just elected a new mayor in Munsey Park, the same verbiage was given to him about rising through the ranks and joining committees, etc., etc. You see Mr. Rule change is good, new gets old and fresh ideas perpetuate motivation and growth. If you stick to the same old thing people get lazy and entitled. In the business world, this is just not allowed to happen but in tax-funded organizations sadly it is commonplace.

I believe my husband knows what he is talking about and after having done a little research myself on you, I find the student’s comments were a bit lackluster regarding your teaching style and proved my point of becoming complacent in a job that is guaranteed.

Lastly, I hope your letter was not written on the taxpayer’s dime given the amount of time it must have taken you to smoke screen the taxpayer!!!!!

Wendy A. Penn