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Letter: Thank You Plandome

Friday, 03 September 2010 00:00

I’m writing this letter of appreciation for all the generous donations you have given me during my fundraising efforts for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I’m even more thankful that in this difficult economy, you were still happy to donate to this wonderful cause, enabling me to raise $1,300. This was my fourth year sailing in the Make-A-Wish regatta sponsored by PWYC, and so far over the years your donations to me have resulted in more than $3,500. On average a wish costs $7,500 to grant, and this year PWYC was able to raise enough money to grant more than two wishes. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is always very appreciative of your donations. I hope to see all of you again next year.

John Amorosana

Manhasset Middle School, Grade 8


Letter: Courts Doing What They Have Always Done

Friday, 27 August 2010 00:00

In her letter of Aug. 19, Catherine Dillon expresses her concern that the judicial review of California’s Proposition 8 shows that our country is becoming “The United Judges of America.” She needn’t be worried; the courts are doing what they have been doing since 1803, when, in Marbury v. Madison, the principle of judicial review was established.

Considering some history will help us understand what’s going on. The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments gave blacks the same civil rights as whites. At the time, having separate facilities for blacks was legal. As late as 1896, the Supreme Court upheld the doctrine of “separate but equal.” But in 1954, the Supreme Court reversed itself and found that separate but equal facilities for blacks violated their civil rights. What had changed? Not the original intent of the legislators who passed those Amendments – they were long dead. And the words of the amendments certainly hadn’t changed. What changed was the meaning those words had for us. The decision was bitterly resented, with “Impeach Earl Warren” billboards in many places, but today, except among the most troglodyte elements, everyone agrees that it was the correct decision, and that our country is better and stronger because of it.


Letter: High Fives for the Manhasset Library

Friday, 27 August 2010 00:00

We now have a new library board. We hope they are as wise as the previous board and their hard working head librarian Mrs. Robertson.

She handled the various details of construction and supervision in great style, staying for late evening board sessions many times. I know because I wheeled her cart downstairs each time. In it she carried each detail to come up, organized alphabetically, for board decision. I don’t think she had ever tackled such a job as this before but with stout heart she considered each case and got through the task.

We owe a lot to the architect and his draftsman who developed the special details we enjoy. Please give high fives to Mrs. Robertson, the old board, her competent assistant, Mary Anne Moore - without them we would be poorer indeed.

John Bernard


Letter: No Votes for Incumbents

Friday, 20 August 2010 00:00

(Editor’s note: This letter was written to State Senator Craig Johnson and the Manhasset Press for publication.)

A little over a year ago I sent you a letter on the just passed NY State budget and its déjà-vu. In that letter I wrote the following:

“The recent NY State budget is a joke that pays almost no attention to making any kind of attempt to curb spending, as usual raises taxes and fees, has the usual cave-ins to special interest and is, in effect, a finger in the eye of NY State taxpayers. The budget’s creation was the usual three men in a room with no transparency and I am sure zero input from the rest of the state legislature, including you.”


Letter: Parking at the Manhasset Public Library

Friday, 20 August 2010 00:00

(Editors Note: This letter was hand delivered to Marian Robertson, director, Manhasset Public Library, and sent to the Manhasset Press for publication.)

Hello Marian! It has been some time since our paths have crossed. In the past, sometimes contentiously but always with the best interest of the library being paramount.

In a Letter to the Editor (Manhasset Press dated Aug. 5) I documented the significant disparity between the number of vehicles in the library parking lot as compared to the number of driving age persons concurrently in the library. In that letter I suggested that you would best be in a position to expound this via a Letter to the Editor. (The Letter to the Editor format is a great way to keep the public informed).


LIRR Commuter Council Demands That Parties Work Together to Preserve Long Island Bus Service

Friday, 13 August 2010 00:00

(LIRRCC released the following statement.)

The Long Island Rail Road Commuter Council (LIRRCC) has called upon the MTA, the State of New York, and Nassau County to intensify their efforts to craft an equitable solution to preserve Long Island Bus service. Preliminary MTA budget materials released last week call for the discontinuation of MTA funding for Long Island Bus operations, which, if no further action is taken by these parties, would spell the end of most if not all Long Island Bus service.

“Long Island Bus is an essential transportation resource for the people of Long Island, including many Long Island Rail Road riders whom we represent. Preserving this vital service is an economic and quality of life issue. Long Island Bus links people to jobs in the local community and beyond through connections to the Long Island Rail Road and provides other riders, some of whom have no other transportation options, access to education, recreation, medical care, and shopping” stated LIRRCC Chair Maureen Michaels.


Statement of New York State School Boards Association on FMAP Contingency Bill

Friday, 13 August 2010 00:00

The New York State School Boards Association has serious concerns about the state’s FMAP contingency plan.

In particular, the state is adopting a contingency plan that could result in a mid-year cut of $300 million or more in state school aid, should federal Medicaid funding be reduced. Moreover, the FMAP bill contains a provision allowing the September school aid payment to be delayed until September 30, rather than the first of the month as is the norm. The September aid payment is funded by the lottery, the proceeds of which must be used for education, not the replacement of federal Medicaid payments.


Letter: Library Parking

Friday, 06 August 2010 00:00

In the Manhasset Press dated July 29, Linda Liu complained, with good reason, about her daughter being accused by a stranger of parking illegally at our library. This triggered thoughts I have harbored for a considerable time concerning our often nearly full library parking lot. Additionally just a few weeks ago I went to the Apple Bank on business. Fortunately, for me, there was one parking space available. On inquiring of the manager about this she informed me that library parkers were the reason the bank parking lot is at times full.

Quite regularly I have noticed that the library parking lot is full or nearly so yet the library itself seemed rather scantily utilized. My curiosity was aroused so eventually I decided to conduct a simple survey. The parking lot contains 90 spaces give or take a few (many years ago I was in on the original action to maximize the number of spaces).

I had only to count the unoccupied spaces to get a car count. Next I would take the elevator to the top floor and mentally count the number of people not including obvious library employees or any children who were most likely not of driving age (That is, they did not drive a car to the library). I also looked into the community room in the basement. Next I remembered from years ago that the number of library employee cars parked averaged 14 cars. (Incidentally, paperwork was accomplished as I traversed the stairs downward so as not to create concern on the part of library employees).

On five survey occasions, randomly scattered over many months, the net number of persons in the library ranged from 13 to 19. On one survey occasion the count was 40 as there were 25 persons in the community room. There is such an impressive disparity between cars and people that it is obvious that something of concern is going on.

It also occurred to me that the library does sponsor bus excursions and this would account for some of the cars. However the library parking lot is 75 percent or more full on the quite numerous days that I have made observations. This is far more cars than can be accounted for by bus excursions.

There may well be a logical explanation for this apparent anomaly. The person who could best shed light on this is our library director, Marion Robertson. I urge her to address this matter in a Letter to the Editor.

Theodore Theodorsen



A Look on the Light Side: July 30, 2010

Written by Judy Epstein Friday, 30 July 2010 00:00

Women’s Work

Everyone knows that women’s work is never done. But my question is, what makes it women’s work, in the first place?

Why is it that, the first day in our new house, I automatically dusted and vacuumed every horizontal surface, while my husband, just as automatically, went to the hardware store for hammer and nails, and took the trash to the curb? Why is it we both assume the long distance driving is his job, whereas as soon as our vows were exchanged, it became my job to remember all the birthdays and anniversaries in his family – even for people I’d never met? Perhaps younger couples now work things out differently, but for the two of us, it’s not as if we ever even discussed it (“Okay, honey, I’ll do the holiday cards if you’ll trim the hedge.”) We both just fell into it – as if genetically pre-ordained.


Letter: Aerodrome Update!

Friday, 23 July 2010 00:00

No, no, we’re not flying yet. But I met with Councilman Fred Pollack Monday night and he tells me that the “engineers closure statement” that seems to be holding us up should be in hand within a week or so. Then, maybe two weeks after that the town will have had the opportunity to review everything and open us up. I thank Councilman Pollack and his assistant, Jeffrey Ziev, for their effort and support. I also thank Councilwoman Kitty Poons for staying on top of this issue, and for her whole-hearted support from Day One.


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