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Letter: Join the Party

As the chairman of the National Worker’s Party, I’m calling upon our public officials - both Democrat and Republican alike - to “jump ship” and join the NWP in creating a political realignment in the 2012 election.

Consider that, on a national level, the Republican and Democratic parties have become apostates: institutions that no longer represent the values they once espoused. The last four presidential administrations - two Republicans and two Democrats - have wandered far from the parties and office that bequeathed us Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. They are globalists and corporatists whose policies have little in common with the fundamental values, philosophies, and interests that all Americans share irrespective of party affiliation. They are as disdainful of the individual rights championed by liberals as they are of the family values emphasized by conservatives. All four have pursued foreign trade policies in India and China’s interests while tens of thousands of Americans have lost their jobs. All four have pursued immigration policies in Mexico’s interests, making poverty and illiteracy and ethnic strife our chief import. All four have pursued Middle East policies in Israel’s interests that have led to thousands of Moslems dead, homeless, and hungry for revenge.

All four have used the military against countries that never attacked the U.S. and never posed a threat to Americans in the name of some internationalist consensus while leaving the border with Mexico virtually unguarded against drug cartels, terrorists, and human traffickers. All four, at home, have put the interests of corporations, civil service unions, giant law firms, big drug companies, and ethnocentric advocacy organizations ahead of the interests of the average citizen. All four have refused to acknowledge that, directly and indirectly; their policies have contributed to the epidemic of bankruptcies, foreclosures, business closings, decline of the dollar, and decline of public educational standards.

In the two decades since the Cold War ended, rather than take advantage of new diplomatic and trade opportunities to promote co-prosperity and collective security, rather than use the “peace dividend” to improve education, housing, and public transport, the U.S. under the Democrats and Republicans has merely drifted closer to Third World status. We once spent billions on weapons systems to destroy the factories and infrastructure of enemies bent on our conquest. Now we allow our own factories to be torn down, our bridges and tunnels to deteriorate, and our schools and firehouses and hospitals and historic sites to shut their doors. We once encouraged young people to strive for excellence. Now all a Master’s Degree does is make somebody “overqualified” to flip hamburgers and bag groceries - the only employment available for many graduates. We once banished from public life those who created a national scandal. Now we give them six-figure jobs as consultants on cable news programs.

It’s time for a regime change. It’s time people joined me - the National Worker’s Party chairman and only member - in recreating America as a modern, tranquil, and affluent Western society. It’s time we stopped this self-induced divide-and-conquer-ourselves; this government to the highest bidder. It’s time we embraced one party with one vision for the future. It can be done. If the People’s Action Party could transform Singapore from a Third World backwater to an ultra-modern technological nation with a higher standard of living and literacy rate than the United States, then why can’t we do the same for our country?

Paul Manton

Chairman of National Worker’s Party