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Nassau County Comptroller’s Report

Written by George Maragos Friday, 12 April 2013 00:00

Do-It-Yourself Grievance 

Homeowners who have not filed property assessment appeals in the last two years should file prior to May 1, 2013 deadline. 

Home prices fluctuate annually throughout Nassau County due to market conditions. In some cases, the price fluctuations may be uneven within the same area or amongst individual homes. The annual property re-assessment process, from the creation of the tentative roll to the end of the grievance process, is intended to deliver a final roll, which is as fair as possible, and free of errors. The grievance part of the process is intended to give homeowners the opportunity to point out and correct any errors in their individual assessment. 


From The Desk Of Dr. Charles Murphy

Friday, 12 April 2013 00:00

A question I am often asked:  When do I begin the process of preparing my child for college?  For most parents, the process begins the day when they first find out they’re having a baby—the nurturing instincts start and the dreams begin.  


In truth, the preparation process is a childhood one. For those parents who wait until the start of senior year, they’re going to behind in the process and will likely make many mistakes along the way. Since this is one of the most important decisions in a child’s life, we want to get it right the first time. 


From the Desk of Dr. Charles Murphy

Friday, 05 April 2013 00:00

New York State Deputy Commissioner of Education, Ken Slentz, alerted all schools this week to expect lower results with the new Common Core assessments in grades 3-8 Mathematics and English Language Arts.  In particular, he wrote “ New York State, for the first time, will be reporting student-grade level expectations against a trajectory of college-and-career readiness by tests fully reflective of the Common Core and, as a result, the number of students who score at or above grade level expectations will likely decrease”.  


Letter: Chief’s Letter To The Public

Friday, 05 April 2013 00:00

As our neighborhood slowly returns to a level of normalcy following the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy, the follow-up nor’easter that same week and the “Nemo” blizzard of Feb. 8, I would like to take this opportunity to make the residents of our community aware of the efforts that were put forth by the officers and members of their Levittown Fire Department before, during and after those events. 


Letter: Thanks To Community For Donations

Friday, 05 April 2013 00:00

The MacArthur Track and Field team held a Night at the Races fundraiser on Friday, March 1 at Levittown Hall. The event was a huge success with 250 people in attendance. The Mercury Club, the parent club for the Track and Field team, put on the event.


Letter: Joey’s Legacy

Friday, 29 March 2013 00:00

Nice work by John Owens on the “...Buttafuocoed” article (Anton Weekly, March 22). His take on what is needed to revitalize Long Island makes a great deal of sense. The problem, as I see it, is that we lack political leadership that has any sense of vision for this area. The politicians are too vested in partisan politics and patronage. They lack the intelligence, experience and commitment to develop any bold, creative solutions to Long Island’s challenges.

Having lived in Nassau for over 40 years and having worked in Suffolk for 20 years, it never ceases to amaze me how dysfunctional the governmental process is in both counties.  It is a half-century history of one stupid decision after another; one missed opportunity after another. For this to happen in a state as great as New York, and in close proximity to a city as vibrant as NYC, is embarrassing and destructive.

Thanks for framing the economic picture and highlighting viable initiatives so effectively.

Richard Collins


From the desk of Dr. Charles Murphy

Friday, 29 March 2013 00:00

Earlier this year, Nassau BOCES decided to close their special education pre-school program at the Geneva N. Gallow Elementary School on Farmedge Road.  Although this school building has been closed to Island Trees students for over twenty years, the district has been fortunate to lease out this building to BOCES for additional revenue.  In fact, the $346,000 BOCES lease has been an important revenue stream for the programs and services in the Island Trees School District. 


From The Desk Of Senator Kemp Hannon

Friday, 22 March 2013 00:00

I’m pleased to announce a package of tax relief and reform measures to give an economic boost to New York taxpayers.  The current proposal is in line with my previous efforts to provide Nassau taxpayers with meaningful relief during these difficult economic times.

The 2013 Family Tax Relief Act would provide a major economic boost to New York’s middle class families, and seeks to restore the STAR Rebate Check Program to provide real and direct relief to millions of New Yorkers who pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation.


A Look On The Light Side

Written by Judy Epstein Friday, 22 March 2013 00:00

Real Estate Non-Logic

When I first moved to Long Island and started driving the expressways of Queens, I became seriously confused. No matter which one I wanted, be it the Clearview or the Cross Island, I somehow always ended up on the other one. My husband thinks this means something negative about my map-reading skills, but of course he is wrong.


Wake Up!

Written by James Bernstein Friday, 15 March 2013 00:00

The announcement last week by Northrop Grumman Corp. (Grumman to those of us who have been on this Island awhile) that it will transfer 850 jobs from its Bethpage facility to Florida and California should come as no shock.

The company, once Long Island’s largest and best-known employer, has been sending jobs South for more than two decades. At one point, the in the 1980s, the company employed 25,000 people on the Island, built the Navy’s premier fighter, the F-14 Tomcat, and, in the 1960s, built the Lunar Lander that took Apollo astronauts to the moon.


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