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The Twin Towers

Thursday, 19 September 2013 00:00

In memory of 9/11

Two old friends standing together,

great sturdy tall bodies 

touched by the sky.

In which we sought shelter.

In which we sought comfort
from cloud and sun.

So many souls 

waiting to receive the stars

for the light of morning.


The Real State Of Nassau’s Finances

Written by Howard Weitzman Thursday, 19 September 2013 00:00

Editor’s note: This is a response to Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos’s “County Financial Report Card,” published in The New Hyde Park Illustrated News, Sept. 11-17 edition. Howard Weitzman is running on the Democratic line against Maragos in the November election.


 George Maragos continues to mislead the public by falsely claiming that the county’s financial condition has improved on his watch. During Mr. Maragos’s tenure as Nassau County’s fiscal watchdog, the county has undergone three bond downgrades by the credit rating agencies, the county’s fiscal outlook has been lowered from “stable” to “negative,” and the county’s debt has reached a new all-time high. No amount of “cooking the books” and issuing misleading financial statements and  press releases can hide this truth, a truth which can be easily verified by outside sources. 


Letter: County Financial Report Card

Thursday, 12 September 2013 00:00

The Financial condition of the County continues to improve by all fundamental measures, primarily due to the improving economy and cost controls instituted by the Mangano administration. From residents’ point of view, the County’s improved financial state is reflected in the county portion of their property tax bill, which has not increased in the last four years.


The mid-year financial projections for 2013 indicate that the County will end the year with a $5.6 million budgetary surplus. This follows on the heels of 2012’s surplus of $41.5 million, now confirmed by independent auditors.  These budget surpluses are due to increased sales tax revenues from the improving economy (up 10.4 percent year to date) and reduced Social Service costs due to lower unemployment (down to 6 percent, one of the lowest rates in New York

State and lower than that of Suffolk County and New York City.)


From The Desk Of Mayor Paul Ehrbar

Thursday, 12 September 2013 00:00

It keeping with tradition, the Williston Park Little League will again be hosting a 9/11 observance at Kelleher Field at 7 p.m., on Wednesday, Sept. 11. Former Deputy Mayor Bill Darmstadt has organized members of the WP Little League in order to hold this solemn ceremony. On behalf of the Village Board I ask all to come down to Keller Field to honor both those who passed away on that fateful day in 2001 and their families, who continue to feel the impact of this tragedy each and every day. 


Phil-osophically Speaking

Written by Phil Guarnieri Thursday, 05 September 2013 00:00

The Invisible Helix

The year is 2021 and a bleak, unforgiving sun is setting upon the human race. Women can’t get pregnant anymore and no one can figure out why. The last baby was born in 1995 and man is on the verge of extinction. Though billions still live, civilization begins to crumble, despair is ubiquitous and the laughter of children ceases to be heard. This inexplicable and universal sterility has robbed life of its holiness, and despite its declining population the world becomes more narrow and claustrophobic: chaos, meaninglessness and ruin prevail.


From the Desk of NY State Senator Jack Martins

Thursday, 05 September 2013 00:00

A Step Up 

 It seems part of the human condition to become so focused on that which needs correction that we often fail to appreciate our progress.  It’s true in our personal lives, our work lives, and certainly when it comes to how we view government.  In 11 years of public service I have yet to meet anyone whose first observation about government is how great it works.         


The Bee

Thursday, 05 September 2013 00:00

To the bee that stung me 

while I labored in the garden, 

my fears, my penitence, my doubts—

these are my flaws, 

a thing of flesh and blood.


From The Desk Of Superintendent Ralph P. Ferrie

Thursday, 29 August 2013 00:00
Eighty-Five Years And Counting

As we approach the upcoming school year, we will be celebrating the 85th year of instruction in the Sewanhaka Central High School District.  Before our students arrive in September, our professional staff will return on Sept. 3 and Sept. 4 for our Opening Day Program during which we will welcome new and returning faculty and staff. We also will honor our Teachers of the Year and employees who have been with the district for 25 years or more. Our goal continues to be to ensure that each child is provided with an education designed to meet his or her needs.  We believe that our professional staff is instrumental in providing for this success.  The district will introduce and welcome Mr. Kevin O’Brien, assistant superintendent for finance and Operations.  In addition, Ms. Regina Agrusa has been promoted to the position of assistant to the superintendent for pupil personnel services; and Ms. Arlene Mishanie has been promoted to the position of supervisor of special education services.


Independence Day Run

Thursday, 29 August 2013 00:00

To the Bellmore Strider’s 4th of July Run


Championing the road with remarkable alacrity

We run, run, run.  And we run.

Severe concrete smacks every sure step,

By step by step; hot enough to melt the soles.

The gritty sweat of it—the grueling salty

Thirst of it—the awful sun performs 

Its duty, photon by photon—

painful inch by inch,

With sheer force and determination.


From The Desk Of Superintendent Robert Katulak

Thursday, 29 August 2013 00:00

A New School Year


On behalf of the Board of Education for the New Hyde Park-Garden City Park School District, I would like to welcome back our entire community to another school year. Despite the fact that the New York State test scores resulted in the predicted 30 percent decrease, our professional staff and students are ready for the challenge and will once again work together as a team to meet the re-calculated benchmarks. We are fully aware of the need to be college and career ready and have demonstrated excellence and mastery in the past, and we will do so in the future.


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