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New Hyde Park Village Sets Dec. 4 for Tree Lighting

At the last New Hyde Park Village Board meeting it was announced that the Annual Christmas tree lighting will be held on December 4 at New Hyde Park Village Hall.

Prior to the actual tree lighting, there will be a children’s show at Marcus Christ Hall at about 3:30 p.m. and directly after that Santa is set to arrive, followed by the tree lighting ceremony. Included in the ceremonies will be musical interludes by both the New Hyde Park Memorial Choir and the New Hyde Park Memorial Jazz Band.

New Hyde Park Village Mayor Daniel Petruccio added, “And, it will probably be the coldest day of the year, because it usually is.”

Trustee Reports: Trustee Richard Coppola
Police Department Reminds All to Use 911

Trustee Coppola reminded all residents that the police department has once again asked that if they see anything suspicious to please call 911. It was pointed out that some residents are reticent to use 911, but the police department reminds all that it is the most direct way to reach the police.

Fire Department

The New Hyde Park Fire Department has reminded all residents to please change the batteries in their smoke and CO detectors when the clocks are changed which will be on Nov. 7 at 2 a.m.

Nuzzi Park Closed

Trustee Coppola also announced that Nuzzi Park is closed for repairs and a new basketball and volleyball court are going to be installed at New Hyde Park Memorial Field.

Wounded Warriors Benefit

The New Hyde Park Fire Department will hold a Wounded Warriors Benefit on Nov. 12 with all proceeds to go to Walter Reed Hospital and Camp LeJune.

Deputy Mayor Robert Lofaro

Deputy Mayor Lofaro said that the search is still on for a Superintendent of the Public Works Department to replace the retiring James McCloat.  He said they have received many applications, but none of them are from the area.

Leaf Season Underway

Lofaro also announced that the leaf season is about to begin. It will start with the street sweeper but when the volume gets heavier the vac trucks will be brought out. Lofaro added, “For a listing of when the leaves will be picked up in your area, just go to the village website at It basically follows the same schedule as the street sweeping.”

Road Improvement Project

Deputy Mayor also said that the village is going forward with the road improvement project and they will be on 6th Avenue and S. 14th Street, primarily it is a drainage project and the village is waiting on the plans from New York State to begin.


The theater renovation project continues to go forward, although, very slowly. The carpeting should be laid within the next few week and the curtains between two to three weeks.

Long Island Rail Road

Deputy Mayor also announced that the village board is considering changing the voucher parking to another system and they are sending out requests for other suggestions. He added, “Not to say that it will not remain in place, but the village needs to access and evaluate to see what other suggestions might be out there.”

Trustee Donald Barbieri

Mayor Petruccio announced that trustee Barbieri, after having been at village hall for most of the day, left since he was feeling a little “under the weather.”

Noise Abatement

Kurt Langjahar, who is the village representative at the airports, said that the last few weeks, due to the weather, has been noisy and he said he complained to folks at the airport about that.

He also said that the new design, which will be completed in a few years, will give the village some relief.

Trustee Lawrence Montreuil

Trustee Montreuil announced that Nov. 11 is Veterans Day and the village will hold its Annual Veteran’s Day Event held by both the members of the American Legion and the VFW. It will be at 11 a.m., on the 11th day in the 11th month. Very impressive event.

He also added, “A young man that I know very well will be Commissioned as a 2nd Lt. in the Marine Corps-Lawrence W. Montreuil.

He then departed from his usual serious self and said, “The only thing I have to say is, “The rent is just too damn high” and he put up his two hands, which were clad in black leather gloves. Very funny.

Mayor Daniel Petruccio

Mayor Petruccio said, “I will build off that. I have to tell you, since I have teenage girls at home, I have seen all kinds of reality shows, but I have to tell you, fortunately, it was a one-time only-the gubernatorial debate. Very sad and unfortunately, the real losers are the people in the State of New York.

“There was a theme running through some of the remarks and no matter what the problem that was mentioned whether it be the MTA, school budgets or health benefits, the answer given by one candidate was ‘give me more power and I will fix the problem.’

“Mr. Cuomo wants to eliminate of layers of government, but he is starting in the wrong direction. He’s beginning at the lowest level of government, the villages. There have been seven villages with a simple group of petitions and then put before a referendum. It cost the villages money to do a study and then the voting and in all cases the residents have voted overwhelmingly not to dissolve the village.

“What I subscribe to is subsidiary-one of the oldest, traditional governmental philophies that exist. In simple terms it says, you allow a local government, nearest to the people, provide whatever services they can. Only when they are able should the next larger level of government step in and provide those services. It is not a top down, but a bottom up government which is basically the foundation of our system of government in our country.

“But Cuomo, and this is not a Republican/Democrat thing, I’m telling it like it is. Andrew Cuomo’s platform is to eliminate villages as one of the layers of government and replace it with more imperial control at the top of the ‘food chain’ in one of the most corrupt cities in the state of New York which is Albany. He wants to put more power in the hands of those already up there, who are already in the position of being corrupt. This is what we are dealing with and I don’t know if there is an alternative. I don’t know what the answer is and as a village resident this is a disastrous course of action and it doesn’t work. How would you be able to ever get to an Andrew Cuomo. My phone number is in the phone book and I am always on my cell phone. We actually have people answering the phone. You can’t even get anyone at the town. You just get 3ll.”

The mayor went on to “pay the bills” and Deputy Mayor Robert Lofaro said, “It should be noted that $2,000 was just paid to the MTA for payroll tax and the village had to budget $7,000 for the MTA payroll tax, so if you want to know where your money is going it’s to the MTA payroll tax.”

Goetz and Pallisco on ARB

It was also announced that Peter Goetz has been named the chairman for the Architectual Review Board and Rich Pallisco has been put on the board.

Permission Granted to Use Village Facilities

It was also announced that the New Hyde Park North Lions Club requested and received permission to hold a Night at The Races fundraiser at Marcus Christ Hall on January 29. The New Hyde Park/Garden City Park School District was also granted permission to hold a student’s senate debate on March 16, 2011 in the village courtroom.

Next Village Board Meeting-A Public Hearing at 7:30 p.m.

At the November 16 New Hyde Park Village Board meeting there will be a public hearing at 7:30 p.m. to extend restaurant seating at a facility owned by Dennis Collins.

Open Portion

A resident complained about a light pole on Jericho Turnpike. It will be looked at and LIPA will be notified.

After a few more comments regarding high school taxes, the meeting ended and as mentioned the next meeting will be held on Nov. 16.