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Letter: ‘Support Robert Germino for NYS Assembly’

While the mainstream media continues to function more and more like a U.S. version of Pravda, the American people are waking up to the out-of-control and unsustainable spending, and government intrusion into the lives of its citizens that, if not corrected, will enslave our children and grandchildren with a debt from which they can never recover.

We need to be concerned with these issues on the national level, but we should not forget that this same misguided agenda is present much closer to home. Our New York State Legislature is a poster child for lack of fiscal control. Rather than acting responsibly to reduce government, they cater to special interest and seek to impose even larger government spending programs. When they do talk about cuts, it is teachers and police they mention. Is there nothing else to cut, or is this designed to scare us into supporting yet more unsustainable spending? If one of us lost their job perhaps in order to cut expenses we would eliminate our cable TV or gym membership as opposed to dropping our health insurance or discontinuing fuel oil deliveries. Our legislature, however, can only suggest the opposite.

In November we need to replace those in the Assembly who are destroying our future. This is not a D versus R issue; it is a decision to keep expanding big government and out-of-control spending, or to seek fiscal responsibility and a return to the core values that made this country the envy of the world. The majority of those currently serving, including Charles Lavine of the 13th District, have done nothing to return us to fiscal responsibility, but rather seek to drive us further into debt.

Mr. Lavine is out of touch with the values of the people he claims to represent. While the state teeters on the brink of financial disaster, Mr. Lavine is making speeches condemning the Arizona immigration law. Regardless of how you may feel about that law, is that what you expect your representative to make a priority?

We correctly judge an individual by what they say, but also by whom they associate with or seek support. Mr. Lavine proudly accepts the endorsement of the New York Working Family Party. He is for working families, that’s good, right? This party is a direct descendant of the Communist Party in America, and more recently the New Party, a far left movement created to encourage a socialist/Marxist big government agenda. Is that the values we want representing us?

This is why I am urging you and your readers to support Robert Germino for the New York State Assembly in the 13th District. He is committed to lowering taxes and stopping the wasteful spending in Albany. Mr. Lavine appears to have regular access to your readers while Mr. Germino’s effort to have his position articulated in your papers has thus far been prevented. I urge the Anton Community Newspapers to allow equal access so that both sides are given a fair hearing and we the people can then decide who best represents our interests.

Douglas Brosky

(Editor’s Note: As always, Anton Community Newspapers is glad to publish news about candidates getting out in the communities and speaking to residents about how they will either continue to represent them, or for challengers, how they plan to. Whether that takes place at senior centers, chambers of commerce meetings or other public venues, we welcome photos and press releases of these events from the candidates.)