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Editorial: The War On Thanksgiving

Thursday, 20 November 2014 10:02

As the Thanksgiving grocery list nears completion and turkeys are reserved at farms and food stores, a lumbering giant casts a large, round shadow over that Thursday of food, family, football and forty winks.

With rosey cheeks, long white beard and an overweight man’s gait, Santa Claus continues his annual mission: to crowd the national consciousness as soon as the calendar flips from October to November, completely eclipsing Thanksgiving in the process. Many folks talk about a “war on Christmas,” arguing that the phrase “happy holidays” robs them of their Yule Tide pride. But the real national travesty can be seen on television daily—an endless parade of the red and green horror show that is Christmas consumerism.


Letter: Voting System Lacks Privacy

Thursday, 13 November 2014 09:17

I just returned from voting and I found the lack of privacy to be appalling. Groups of voters were clumped together. Poll workers tried to be helpful but ended up standing over the shoulders of voters.  I observed one poll worker actually checking over a ballot to see why the machine wouldn’t accept it. Paper was wasted when machines wouldn’t accept ballots forcing voters to redo their ballots

This is no way to run a secret ballot. I have been voting since 1999. When the system changed to paper ballots, I assumed that the kinks would be worked out quickly. However, it has only gotten worse. Fix the system or return to the old curtained booths. Either way, I never want to see again what I saw today.

Patricia Anna Beh


Letter: Tree Murder

Thursday, 13 November 2014 09:15

Trees in Nassau County are being cut down on orders from Mangano. The reason is supposedly to repave roads and sidewalks. That method is not necessary as per several certified arborists. There are several other options. Trees are gone alongside Christopher Morley Park/W. John St.-Hicksville/Plainview Rd./South Oyster Bay Road from Bethpage to Jericho Turnpike and the east side of the South Oyster Bay Expressway from Sunrise Northbound. So far it’s probably 600 to 800 trees some 40 to 50 years old and beautiful. The replacement plantings will be trees that will never in our lifetime grow to those heights.

The word for this tree murdering is coming from Mangano’s office. What a legacy he will leave. Please look up the website “STOMP” Save Trees Over More Pavement, for an extensive story on exactly why this is happening. It has to do with money. There are about 4,000 members of STOMP. All trees on a county road could be subject to this murder-even yours. The birds are also bewildered looking for their homes.

Ronald Billing


Letter: Accurately Setting The Record Straight

Friday, 14 November 2014 00:00

In the Oct. 30 edition of the Hicksville News was a letter from the Union representing the employees at the Hicksville Library, commenting on a previous article covering the current contract negotiations, under the caption “Setting the Record Straight”. The letter does anything but do that, but instead misstates the status of contract negotiations.

The library board has offered a fair contract to the Union members. It calls for salary increases for every employee in the bargaining unit. The proposal also calls for those employees with health insurance to begin paying a small amount toward the cost.


Letter: Ebola, Hysteria And The Politics Of Sustainability

Thursday, 06 November 2014 11:29

West Africa has an ebola outbreak. It has become global. Hysteria abounds. It is not theirs alone. It is now humanity’s outbreak which has no borders. However, in fact, everything in the world today transcends borders: from the Internet to capitalism to climate change to wars.

In West Africa, there is also the capitalism outbreak and it is as rampant as the ebola crisis. Their gold mines and rubber resources make huge profits for global capitalists (profiteers). In the United States much of the GDP [Gross Domestic Product] goes into the military for worldwide “protection.” Very little money is spent for a vaccine, which has probably been available, to combat ebola as too costly. One nation, Nigeria, stopped ebola in its tracks because it had the money and an infrastructure willing to do so. The poorer nations in West Africa do not.


Letter: Setting The Record Straight

Thursday, 30 October 2014 11:03

We read the article titled “Trustees, Board Clash Over Contracts” in the Oct. 15-21 edition of the Hicksville News and were particularly concerned with the comments of Hicksville Library Board Counsel Tom Wassel.

Wassel said the library’s contract proposal would provide a net increase for all CSEA-represented employees. This is not true; in fact many would wind up losing money.


Letter: Justice Remains Unserved

Thursday, 23 October 2014 08:36

The basic facts of the news story are that retired NYPD officer Michael Elardo’s hit-and-run killing of 13-year-old Bryanna Soplin has resulted in his being fined $2,500 and sentenced to possibly up to four years  in prison. Case closed, and justice is now officially deemed to have been served. But I don’t view it that way, and here are some of the reasons I consider this verdict an injustice.

After Mr. Elardo hit Bryanna Soplin with his car, he left her dying in the street and fled, not turning himself in until 42 hours later. So, technically, this was not a case of “hit-and-run,” but a hit-and-drive-away-like-an-irresponsible coward-rather-than-like-a-cop-with-a-conscience case. If he had immediately stopped and administered his policeman’s training first aid to Bryanna, or driven her to the nearby hospital, perhaps her life could have been saved.


Letter: Political Ads And TV News

Thursday, 23 October 2014 08:34

I am tired of political ads that are only mudslingers. The local and national news, especially on television, should be devoting at least five minutes a day to informed, unbiased reportage. They all seem to report on the same hot button issues about people in the entertainment industry, such as their marital affairs. When it comes to candidates, they report on their missteps: lack of morality, fidelity, and ethics. They do not tell us about the candidates’ voting record, values, supporters, and views on issues, past and present.

Most people watch television for some news. If only the sensational and negative news predominate, they are getting no real news. I call this censorship. The local and national news stations should be presenting factual reporting, not hype. They have failed the public. Where is my five minutes a day? Why aren’t they doing this?

Elaine Peters


Letter: Revisiting Hurricane Sandy And The Fracking Debate

Thursday, 16 October 2014 08:27

As the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy approaches, memories of the destruction produced by the storm still haunts most Long Islanders.

While our beaches, ports and most homes have been rebuilt, little has been done to curb the causes of such mega storms.  


Hicksville Voices

Written by Patty Servidio, Thursday, 16 October 2014 08:30

The Tree Debate

Recently, a friend of mine told me about the trees that are designated for demolition along South Oyster Bay Road. The removal of these 180+ trees, which is currently underway, spans the distance between Syosset and Bethpage. A debate surrounds this issue, with residents on one side and county officials on the other. Those in favor of the demotion state that the trees, which are at least 40 years old, have uprooted sidewalks along South Oyster Bay Road. This poses a serious safety concern for those who walk there. Those opposed have stated that trees lend a charm and beauty to the area; they have also argued that trees help the ecosystem, as well as offer shade from the heat. As anyone who has driven along the roadway knows, rush hour traffic can be hampered by the angle of the sun at that time.


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