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Quilting For Comfort

When Evelyn Biamonte heard of a need within her church community back in 2007, she knew that she had the talent and the drive to fill it. A member of Hicksville United Methodist Church, Biamonte explained that there was a need for warmth from the church to both members and non-members of the congregation, so with a little help, she decided to bring the warmth the best way she knew how — by making quilts.

A quilter for more than 20 years, Biamonte started the Quilters Of The Cloth ministry at the church. The group meets on Tuesday nights — some members are members of the parish community, while others joined after hearing about the club through word-of-mouth. The nine member group makes 20 to 22 quilts per year for all occasions — weddings, baptisms and, of course, for comfort.

“A lot of people come to our church to get married or to have their children baptized and they aren’t members, so we give them the gift of love,” Biamonte said.

In addition, said Biamonte, the group also makes quilts for those in the community that are going through difficult life situations. “We stitch prayers and love into each quilt,” she said. “Sometimes when you are going through a hard time, it’s good to be able to wrap yourself in love. It just becomes a comfort,” she said.

The group works with the church office and is able to plan ahead for weddings and baptisms, but the group always tries to keep a few different kinds on hand in case of an emergency. Additionally, each member of the quilting group plans their own quilts and works on them from start to finish, with a little help from Biamonte, if needed.

The women work off of donations for large-ticket items, however, Biamonte supplies about 80 percent of the materials herself, while another member, Suzie, supplies the other 20 percent.

“I don’t mind doing it. I have a hefty stash of fabric and it brings me joy to make somebody happy. As long as we can continue to supply it, we will,” Biamonte said.

However, it’s not just the quilting that brings warmth. Biamonte and the women all agree that this group brings them such important things in life including confidence and camaraderie.

Kim, a member of the group, explained that it is so amazing to see what can be created with hard work, love and a little guidance. “This club is just so great for your confidence. When you are done with a project, you just take a step back and go, ‘Wow, I made that!’ and the end project is just so beautiful,” she said.

Biamonte said, “I’m just so happy to have this group. Not only the art of quilting, but it’s also the fellowship. Knowing that other people are there means a lot and we do have quite a lot of laughs,” she said.


When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. That’s just what a Hicksville baker is doing, except in her case it isn’t lemons, but a gluten-free diet. Her lemonade stand of choice is her brand new gluten-free eatery, “Jac’s Bakeshop and Bistro,” which held its grand opening on April 12.  

“I’m a baker who can’t even eat wheat or eggs,” said owner Jaclyn Messina, chuckling at the irony.

There’s a lot you can do in 99 minutes. You could cook dinner, play a non-stop soccer game, watch a romantic comedy or hang out with Odysseus, Achilles and Hercules. If you chose the last option, Hicksville High School’s upcoming theatre production of The Iliad, The Odyssey, and All of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes or Less  is the place for you.

The mouthful of a title says it all. The cast will take on over 80 characters as they speed through all of Greek mythology, including popular tales such as The Iliad and The Odyssey, in a little over an hour and a half.


Vito Sciascia was recently named Hicksville Soccer Club’s Volunteer of the Year at the 2014 Long Island Junior Soccer League 2014 Kick-off Convention.

Sciascia started coaching travel soccer in 1998 for a boys team, the Flash, who later changed their names to the Muddogs. He could always be found at various sporting fields trying to recruit new soccer players. He would make each of these boys feel important and there was always room for another player. He tried to never turn a child away and when other coaches were having trouble with a boy he would take them on his team, no one was ever too much for him. Sciascia found the good in all those boys and they in return respected him. He took them to many tournaments and solicited enough sponsorship so that it was never a financial burden on their families.

Cantiague Park Senior Men’s Golf League had its first tournament on Thursday April 4. Twenty golfers came out on on a crisp but sunny morning. Charlie Hong was the only man to score under a 40, with a 38 and won for low overall score. Jim O’ Brien  scored a 41, and won low overall net in a tie-breaker with Mike Guerriero.

Competition on the nine-hole course is divided into two divisions. Flight A is for players with a handicap of 13 or lower. Flight B is for players with a handicap of 14 or more. The league is a 100 percent handicap league. Any man 55 years or older is eligible for membership. We have many openings for this year, and you can sign up anytime throughout the the season.


American Legion Meeting

April 21

HS Theater in the Round

April 24-26

Science Fair

April 26


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