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Letter: Problem With Naming Of The Old Courthouse

It is funny how last fall the North Shore Historical Museum embarked on a mission to name the Old Courthouse. Well, apparently if you donate a very generous gift, like that of friends and family of Marguerite and Joe Suozzi, you can have a building named after you. Let us not forget the man who worked there for 30 years, the Honorable Joseph L. Vetrone, whose name isn’t there. If you serve your country in WWII, receive a Purple Heart, work for the City of Glen Cove for 30 years, apparently you have to pay your way on to getting something that deserves rightfully to be named after you. What a disgrace!


Let us not forget how many nights people showed up at my dad’s doorstep wondering how and if he could possibly help them with a legal problem their child got in.


Let us not forget the countless phone calls and disruptions to our family meals almost every night because someone in Glen Cove had some sort of legal question.


Let us not forget the famous call of every fine “Italian American” in Glen Cove who had a legal problem yelling out my dad’s name, “Joe, Joe, Joe, I have a problem I needa you help,” while standing

at the edge of our driveway in the middle of the night while we were all sleeping.


Let us not forget the many people who randomly showed up at our doorstep asking us in the middle of a family function, “can you please marry us?”


Let us not forget even at an advanced age in his life, he was still able to drive himself to work and didn’t have to burden the taxpayers for a driver!


It is funny how much of his and our family free time was taken away from us by three City of Glen Cove, in which he received nothing extra, and now we are asked to pay to put his name on something.




What a total lack of respect the community has for him and all he has done. When I called the “Naming Committee Member” or Clueless Glen Cove Lady, as I like to call her, I was told, when I voiced my displeasure with the naming of the Courthouse - get this- “He can come down and make a donation to get his name on something.” Wow! Wouldn’t that be some sort of trick for a man who has been deceased for six years to pull off. What a joke!


The present day judge, the Honorable Richard McCord, wouldn’t be in the position he is in if it weren’t for my father’s help. He is doing a wonderful job, by the way. He had an excellent mentor. I think between the Hon. Joseph L. Vetrone and the Hon. Richard McCord, they have served the Glen Cove City Court system for 50 years. Yet, somehow a Suozzi’s name is going to end up on the Courthouse.

I guess, when you lose enough elections, you have to put your name out there somewhere. What a shame!


The Hon. Joseph L. Vetrone also served his parish of St. Patrick’s as a lector. On Saturdays he served as a scorekeeper and timekeeper for the CYO Basketball Organization. He was a big advocate, which he passed on to me to help the children of St. Jude. He said, “Every child deserves to have a fun childhood without suffering.” I don’t know what the criteria for the City of Glen Cove is for naming something after a man of great quality and dignity. It is a shame I even have to write this.


Finally, what a great example the Suozzi family and friends have set for our youngsters and future generations. If you work hard and do the right thing for a community for 30 years “while never losing an election” you don’t get recognized for it. Perhaps if you pay your way and have a building named after you, that’s okay. How terrible!


Glen Cove, for the love of God and everything decent in the world, name the damn Courthouse what it should be: “The Honorable Joseph L. Vetrone Memorial Courthouse.”


— One Angry Jon L. Vetrone