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Editorial: Why Ask Why?

It has belatedly come to our attention that a post was made on the Friends of Robert Germino Facebook page regarding our coverage of a recent city council meeting.

The failed Republican candidate points out that our report about the city council meeting did not quote in entirety a public comment made by a Glen Cove resident. Germino says one has to ask “why.”

The simple answer is, most journalists do not quote everything everyone says. On page 3 of this edition, you can read a summary of Germino’s superior, the county executive, making a televised address. We excerpted and abbreviated many quotes - you can tell if you watched the address on TV. And we added some explanation and synopsis.

The city council article in question was not written about the public comment. The headline was not “Public Comment at City Council.” So, to say that we should have focused on one person’s comment word-for-word is an unfair criticism.  

As far as having to ask “why,” how about this: “why” would a political hopeful, trying to get himself into some upcoming election, perpetuate a fake fight with a community newspaper that has no political affiliation?

And speaking of Mangano’s address, Germino’s Republican superior has enacted and is pushing for major cuts in public employee costs. Local Republicans in Glen Cove (like those across the nation) have stood time and again at council meetings to call for cuts in public employee benefits to match the experience of private sector employees.

The Record Pilot takes no stance on union benefits. This is simply an observation that voters, and unions, should ask not “why,” but “what” does Germino actually stand for. To attack this paper, he writes posts supporting a union protest, which happened in the very room where his leaders and party supporters criticize union benefits. Friends of Robert Germino even attacks the Chamber of Commerce and local business on Facebook, when throughout his whole Assembly campaign, Germino’s main platform was the MTA tax and how it was hurting local business.  

Respected and honorable Republican officials like Congressman King, Senator Marcellino, Assemblyman Montesano, County Executive Mangano, Mayor Kennedy and Judge McCord all appear in our paper regularly. They clearly find this a reputable venue for their messages. They and likewise respected local leaders like Joseph Mondello and Paul Meli should be aware that some of their colleagues are taking on area commerce, including a community newspaper. They also should not condone the bizarre Internet bullying that has gone on since the 2010 Assembly campaign.

Republican leaders and voters should ask not “why” but “who” are some of their candidates… when, in very poor taste, they take up fights that seem to go against the national momentum of their own party just to pick on a local business for their own publicity.

The Record Pilot / Anton Community Newspapers employs several Glen Cove residents and a good number of local area people. Our thousands of readers enjoy our local news and our community-oriented coverage that bolsters students and seniors, local non-profit and recreational groups. We are not here for one political person to deceptively pretend we have some agenda so that he can drum up attention for himself.

Since Germino has not yet announced, to our knowledge, any campaign, this paper invites him to submit an opinion piece explaining his position on the key issues that his party and supporters believe in. For starters, if he is pro-public employee benefits, Republican voters should know. If he is pro-Republican government shrinking, unions should know. Once published, we invite other Republicans (and anyone) to comment on his positions and on his behavior.  

(We all appreciate Germino’s service to his country, and respect the idea that he earned a county job. We take issue with his recent attempts to become a political character.)                                  

- M.A.P.