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Letter: Reasons For Saving and Repurposing The Power Plant

Thursday, 01 August 2013 00:00

Since February, I have pitched the idea of saving and repurposing the Glenwood Landing (GWL) power plant as a viable, commercial, tax-paying enterprise to all local, town, county, state and federal politicians, to all area mayors, to LIPA and National Grid, in letters, emails, statements and in letters to the newspapers.


• The GWL plant is a historically and architecturally unique building on Long Island. Such plants were designed as civic monuments with the best architectural features of their day, to show that they would be there for the long term to provide a reliable source of electricity. According to architectural historian, Richard Gachot, the GWL plant is a “very important vestige of early 20th century industrial architecture, a symbol of power harnessed for mass consumption.”


Letter: No More Bamboo

Thursday, 25 July 2013 00:00

I am writing to say that our Mayor Ralph Suozzi listens when residents of Glen Cove complain. As it has been in the past and will be in the future whether you are a Democrat or Republican you will never be able to please and make all of the residents of Glen Cove content. I want to personally thank Mayor Suozzi, the Beautification Committee and the Public Works Department for working most of the day to remove the bamboo in the Coles School property which has been there a long time. I advised Mayor Suozzi that the bamboo started to grow in my yard and my neighbor’s back yard. He took care of it, removing all the bamboo, branches and roots,.They did an excellent job and should be told that people do appreciate the work that was performed. Once the job was finished Mayor Suozzi followed up to make sure it was complete and done correctly. Thanks Mayor Suozzi, Beautification Committee and Public Works!


Ann Marie Martinez


Letter: Hot Rods Deserve Inclusion In Parade

Thursday, 25 July 2013 00:00

I have received more phone calls than I can count regarding the lack of participation of the Glen Cove Road Panthers Car Club in the Memorial Day parade. To make it short, the parade committee did not invite us this year.


It seems the parade committee does not think we are veterans or relatives of veterans. Just let me say that my father served on an aircraft carrier in the North Atlantic during World

War II. I had an uncle that landed at Normandy, a second uncle that was at Pearl Harbor when it was hit, and a third uncle who was in both France and England. These were my mother’s brothers. I also had two very close cousins that served in Korea. I spent eight months in the Reserves and was within three hours of being deployed to the Bay of Pigs by President Kennedy.


Letter: A Day Late And A Dollar Short

Thursday, 25 July 2013 00:00

Or in this case two years late and $275 million short.


I am not entirely dismissive of the fact that the county administration and the legislators have finally come to a semblance of an agreement to fund and pay $60,000,000 (18 percent) of the approximate $335,000,000 in court ordered tax refunds due property owners who have been over-taxed for years.  Make no mistake however, this does very little to stop the bleeding.


Letter: Save The Power Plant

Thursday, 18 July 2013 00:00

On June 25, National Grid submitted applications to the Town of North Hempstead (TONH) for the demolition of the Glenwood Landing (GWL) plant’s historic brick building merely to reduce its own tax assessment. Saving of the GWL plant building from demolition is a critical issue for Long Island’s North Shore residents who are slated to shoulder a 19 percent tax increase in the coming years due to the loss of tax revenues from the decommissioned utility.


Letter: Soundview At The Golf Course Was A Sound Decision

Thursday, 18 July 2013 00:00

A letter recently submitted by Councilman Reginald Spinello, “What Happens in The Dark,” attempted to defame a negotiated lease made in the best interest of Glen Cove under the guidance of our city attorney.


The City Council, including Councilman Spinello, unanimously released Soundview’s prior operator in the fall of 2012. A Request For Proposal (RFP) to replace the operator was issued in 2013 with sufficient time to re-open for the spring golf season. The Council then unanimously chose an operator – new to all of us – who’d responded with the best proposal. Unfortunately, that operator had difficult family circumstances, including the death of his father overseas, and was unable to fulfill his obligation.

I immediately sought the help of local restaurateur, Chef Jeanine DiMenna of Page One, who “stepped up to the plate” as she is known to do, to get us through the first two golf outings of the season in early May. She did a wonderful job, and I asked her to consider finishing out the season.


Letter: The ‘Downfall’ Of Glen Cove

Thursday, 18 July 2013 00:00

 The New York Times, Newsday, numerous local and town newspapers, and Patch have all featured articles regarding the downfall of Glen Cove, the demise of Glen Cove, the financial stress of Glen Cove and these articles further documented that Glen Cove has the highest proportion of poverty in Nassau County. To what do we attribute this unpleasant truth?  Answer:  the increase in the construction of apartment buildings.  We are creating our own demise.  We are self-destructing.


Letter: Mayor Shuts Out Glen Cove Businesses!

Friday, 05 July 2013 00:00

Once again in an attempt to put Glen Cove out of business, our mayor, Ralph Suozzi, has decided Glen Cove businesses are not wanted at his very own event, Sea Faire.

Why Mr. Mayor, don’t your want our very own restaurants participating? Why weren’t they asked? Why Mr. Mayor don’t you want our local jewelry makers participating? Why weren’t they asked? Why Mr. Mayor don’t you want our local artists participating? WHY Mayor Suozzi, WHY?


Letter: SAFE’s Family Day Raises Awareness

Thursday, 11 July 2013 00:00

On behalf of SAFE’s Glen Cove PRIDE Project Coalition, we wish to thank the area businesses and residents that helped to make our 6th annual Family Awareness Day a great success!

Because of the outpouring of support from City of Glen Cove Community Development Agency, Glen Cove City Hall, Health Plus, Planned Parenthood, Glen Cove Youth Bureau’s After 3 Program, ChiroWellness, the Tobacco Action Coalition of Long Island, Glen Cove Emergency Medical Services Corps, Glen Cove Volunteer Fire Department, Glen Cove Police Department, Kiwanis Club of Glen Cove, Go Open Market Inc., and GMA Martial ARTS; hundreds of Glen Cove residents were able to receive information about local services and programs that promote family health, family unity, and a substance abuse free family environment. Because of generous donations from Clay Nation, Garvies Point Museum and Preserve, Glen Cove City’s Parks and Recreational Department, the Mead Family, Lowe’s Home Improvement Store in Westbury, families were prized with gifts that promoted family togetherness and community involvement. Volunteers including SAFE Board Director Mary Berhang, Roseanne Suozzi, Melanie Weise, Robin Mead, Victoria Mead, and Leena (Puffy) Harris have remained one of the most dedicated group of people Family Awareness Day has seen yet!


Letter: Fiscal Failure

Thursday, 11 July 2013 00:00

After reading “State: Glen Cove finances most stressed on LI,” published in Newsday on June 18 and I must say I am deeply concerned with Mayor Suozzi’s indifference to the gravity of his fiduciary responsibility to Glen Cove taxpayers. Another source of concern for me is the Mayor’s dismissive attitude regarding the NY State Comptroller’s warnings and suggestions as they pertain to Glen Cove’s financial health. Under Suozzi’s watch, Glen Cove taxpayers are now burdened with the “most fiscally stressed municipality on Long Island,” and ...” one of the nine most stressed in New York” as well as a list of stressful negatives which include higher taxes, a bond downgrade, a growing deficit, and overwhelming debt.


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