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Garden City Recreation And Parks Department News: September 25, 2012

The Recreation Department Needs Your Help

In order to better serve patrons, the recreation department is updating its computer system. Please take the time to fill out a family info questionnaire.  The questionnaire can be found at the administrative office, at Community Park, and at the pool.  Please return all forms to the office at 108 Rockaway Ave. Your assistance will greatly help the recreation department provide its patrons with improved service.

Introducing 10 & Under Tennis At Community Park

Kids around the world have been successfully playing tennis using the 10 & under format for years. The Village of Garden City Recreation Department is proud to announce that it will be adopting this USTA (United States Tennis Association) approved methodology for teaching children age 10 and under the game of tennis. By using slower-moving and lower-bouncing balls, shorter and lighter racquets on smaller courts kids can get into the game easier by making tennis more fun from the start by boosting their confidence and building skill development. Each practice will be designed appropriately for the physical, mental and social skills of that age group. Emphasis will be placed on rallying and playing so that children want to learn the skills necessary to play with their friends on a team. The rules for youth tennis have changed and the USTA requires all sanctioned 10 and under tournaments to be played using slower-moving and lower-bouncing balls on smaller courts. (Ages 4-8 will be taught on 36’ by 18’ court.  Children 9 and 10 will be taught on 60’ by 21’ courts.)  Therefore, the recreation department will be modifying the program to adapt to these new rules for its 10 and under tennis program.

Tots Age 4 Session Time 55 Minutes Foam Ball

Classes will emphasize basic motor skills such as running, jumping, balance and coordination.  17” racquets will be provided. Sessions will be run in circuits and be active and interesting. Grips, swing action and rallying over net may be too advanced for this age group.

Pee Wee Ages 5 And 6 Session Time 55 Minutes Foam Ball

Classes will emphasize basic motor skills such as running, jumping balance and coordination. Rackets will be provided. Classes will be run in circuits of four or five different stations repeating activities the children enjoy. Focus will be on a variety of skills such as throwing, catching and hitting because this is a crucial age for a child to learn them.

Red Group Ages 7 And 8 Session Time 55 Minutes Red Low Compression Ball

Children this age are maturing and improving their gross motor skills, Tracking and making contact with the ball is still difficult. The use of the low compression red ball will be introduced and will help them to succeed in an active fun and positive environment. Game playing will be introduced in addition to circuit training.

Orange Group Ages 9 & 10 Session Time 55 Minutes Orange Low Compression Ball

This group is better able to concentrate for longer periods of time. Players will be taught skills and positioning and how to keep score. Classes will be taught on a 60’ court with the orange low compression ball. Emphasis will be placed on learning how to play the game of tennis, USTA sanctioned tournaments for children 10 years old and under will be using this format.

To register: by mail only, no walk-in registrations will be accepted until Friday, October 2. The recreation department cannot be held responsible for delays in the mail. To register, pick up an application at the Recreation Office at 108 Rockaway Ave. or download it from You can also make your own by listing your child’s name, address, phone number, birth date, grade he/she will be entering in September and the session and classes for which you are registering with a first and second choice. Mail all information with full payment to the Garden City Recreation Department at 108 Rockaway Ave.  Please make all checks payable to the “Inc. Village of Garden City.”  

Classes begin Tuesday, October 9.    

Tots – Ages 4 To 5 (Preschool)  Code          Price               

Tuesday    3:30 – 4:25 p.m.           TOTST      $210                        

Wednesday    3:30 – 4:25 p.m       TOTSW     $210    

Friday        1:30 – 2:25 p.m.           TOTSF1    $210

Friday        2:30 – 3:25 p.m.           TOTSF2    $210

Friday        3:30 – 4:25 p.m.           TOTSF3    $210

Saturday    12:30 – 1:25 p.m.         TOTSS12  $210

Pee Wee - Ages  5 – 6  (5 years old and in kindergarten)  Beginners

Monday    3:30 – 4:25 p.m.             PWM3    $180

Monday    4:30 – 5:25 p.m.             PWM4    $180

Tuesday    3:30 – 4:25 p.m.            PWT3    $210

Tuesday    4:30 – 5:25 p.m.            PWT4    $210

Wednesday    3:30 – 4:25 p.m.       PWW3    $210

Wednesday    4:30 – 5:25 p.m.       PWW4    $210

Thursday    3:30 – 4:25 p.m.           PWTH3    $210

Thursday    4:30 – 5:25 p.m.           PWTH4    $210

Friday        3:30 – 4:25 p.m.            PWF3    $210

Friday        4:30 – 5:25 p.m.            PWF4    $210

Saturday    11:30 a.m. – 12:25 p.m. PWS11     $210

Red Group- Ages 7 to 8            

Monday    3:30 – 4:25  p.m.             REDM3      $252

Monday    4:30 – 5:25  p.m.             REDM4      $252

Tuesday    3:30 – 4:25  p.m.            REDT3      $294

Tuesday    4:30 – 5:25 p.m.             REDT4      $294

Wednesday    3:30 – 4:25  p.m.       REDW3      $294

Wednesday    4:30 – 5:25   p.m.      REDW4      $294

Thursday    3:30 – 4:25   p.m.          REDTH3  $294

Thursday    4:30 – 5:25   p.m.          REDTH4  $294

Friday        3:30 – 4:25   p.m.           REDF3      $294

Friday        3:30 –4:25 p.m.              REDF4      $294

Saturday    11:30 a.m. –12:25 p.m.  REDS11      $294

Orange Group - Ages  9 to 10          

Monday    3:30 – 4:25 p.m.    ORM3    $288

Monday    4:30 – 5:25 p.m.    ORM4    $288

Tuesday    3:30 – 4:25 p.m.    ORT3    $336

Tuesday    4:30 – 5:25 p.m.    ORT4    $336

Wednesday    3:30 – 4:25 p.m.    ORW3    $336

Wednesday    4:30 – 5:25 p.m.    ORW4    $336

Thursday    3:30 – 4:25 p.m.    ORTH3    $336

Thursday    4:30 – 5:25 p.m.    ORTH4    $336

Friday        3:30 – 4:25 p.m.    ORF3    $336

Friday        4:30 – 5:25 p.m.    ORF4    $336

Please make selections carefully as fees are not returnable.

Garden City Recreation Dance Conservatory Registration Begins

Dance conservatory classes began on Monday, September 24. There are limited openings available in classes for ages 3 and up. Please visit the recreation office at 108 Rockaway Ave. to find out which classes have openings and to register.

Adult Yoga Registration Begins

The fall session of “Yoga with Connie McKnight” will begin again according to the following schedule:

Mondays: 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. Meeting in St. Paul’s Senior Center
Wednesdays: 10:15 – 11:15 a.m. Meeting in St. Paul’s Cluett Hall

The fall program is open to adults who are residents of the Inc. Village of Garden City. Each class will run for 15 weeks at a cost of $90. Classes began on Sept. 10 (Monday) and Sept. 12 (Wednesday). The class is geared towards the average person. Please make sure to bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes. To register for this program, please visit the recreation office at 108 Rockaway Ave.

Adult Pastel Class Registration Begins

The Garden City Recreation Department is pleased to again offer an adult art class in St. Paul’s Cluett Hall.  This 10-week program will teach the beginner as well as the advanced student the art of painting portraits and landscapes/still-life in pastel from photographs.  

Arleen Rueth Urban, the instructor for this program, is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America. A winner of numerous awards, her portraits hang in many Garden City homes, as well as throughout the United States. A portrait of Elvis Presley permanently hangs in Graceland, and Barbara Walters is among her celebrity commissioned subjects.

The first lesson includes a portrait and landscape demonstration.  At that time, a supply list is provided.  

Demonstrations will be available as needed throughout the program.  Each student will receive the individual attention required as they move at their own pace and level of expertise.

Classes will be held each Friday from 9 to 11:30 a.m. This class is open to adult residents who reside in the Inc. Village of Garden City. Classes began on Sept. 14. The cost of this program is $110.  To register, please visit the recreation office at 108 Rockaway Ave.

Zumba Classes Registration Begins

Get in shape by “dancing” your way to your goal by joining the recreation center’s Zumba classes, taught by dance director Felicia Lovaglio. Each 45-minute class offers body movement to great music giving the participant a fun workout. These Zumba classes are offered to adults who are residents of the Inc. Village of Garden City according to the following schedule:

Mondays 7:45 p.m.
Thursdays 9:15 p.m.
Saturdays 9:15 p.m.

Each day is offered in a 14-week session at a cost of $125. To register, please visit the recreation office at 108 Rockaway Ave.

Community Park’s Miniature Golf Course

Affordable family fun is right around the corner, so don’t forget to visit the Recreation Department’s state-of-the-art miniature golf course. The 18-hole course is located behind the Garden City pool and is filled with challenges galore that will delight mini-golfers of all ages.

Party packages for birthdays or other occasions are offered. Call Garden City Community Park at 483-2525 for party planning.

The price for a round of mini-golf is as follows:

Resident adult (12 and up) $5
Resident child (under 12) $3
Resident senior (65 or over) $3
Nonresident adult (12 and up) $6
Nonresident child (under 12) $4

Hours are 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Come down and try a round.