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So You Want To Be A Lighthouse Keeper?

Written by Craig Morrison, Wednesday, 23 January 2013 12:32

Find the romance—and reality—

of this solitary life in local waters

It may seem a little early to start making summer reservations, but when you have 163-year-old lighthouse, you tend to take the long view.

Four years ago, a non-profit group that my girlfriend/lawyer Linell Lukesh and I formed took title to Execution Rocks Lighthouse, which sits in Long Island Sound, about 1,400 feet offshore and a 20-minute boat ride from the Port Washington Town Dock.


Realtors To The Rescue

Written by Dave Gil de Rubio, Wednesday, 23 January 2013 11:51

RE/MAX relief fund provides more than

$20,000 in aid to its employees

When Hurricane Sandy struck, RE/MAX realtor Andrew Louca was in his South Merrick home with his wife and 24-year-old daughter. As unattended boats drifted by and his brand-new floating dock washed up on his front lawn, a foot of water poured into the basement of the split-level home. While they didn’t lose their home and got power back after 15 days, the Louca family sustained far more than the $15,000 in damage that their insurance company recognized. And with reimbursements still not received by press time, this South Shore family would have been in far worse straits were it not for the largesse of RE/MAX of New York. Louca’s employer recently presented checks for more than $22,000 to brokers and agents affected by Hurricane Sandy at the company’s Garden City office. The speed with which RE/MAX distributed this money to its employees was not lost on the Merrick realtor.

“The hurricane hit us on Oct. 29, and we got [the money] in December, which is pretty quick,” Louca said. “It was very quick because I think they wanted us to have something for the holidays, which was nice of them.”


Backpacks Stuffed With Caring And Compassion

Written by Betsy Abraham, Wednesday, 23 January 2013 11:47

Helping students in need

When Superstorm Sandy struck the area, 11-year-old Courtney Murdaugh, a student at Westbury Middle School, felt she had to do “something.”

“I wanted to help the people affected by Sandy and help them feel better and let them know that people want to help them and make sure they’re safe,” she said.


Fear No Scale

Written by Dave Gil de Rubio, Wednesday, 23 January 2013 11:33

Dr. Bo says five phases and four elements

are the key to losing weight and keeping it off

Fat. It’s The Enemy, especially this time of year, amid resolutions, self-improvement plans and the inability to see your feet. Yet despite our national obsession with dieting, The Enemy is winning. According to the Centers for Disease Control, a third of American adults are overweight and another third are obese. Why are most diets doomed to failure? For Isaac Schulman, the director of Dr. Bo’s Diet Center in Hewlett, the reason is pretty straightforward.

“The problem is that all [of the usual diet programs] address some short-term weight loss, which is just a symptom,” says Schulman. “It doesn’t address the core issue: How did the person get overweight?”


Frank And Camille’s East Celebrates 36th Anniversary

Wednesday, 09 January 2013 09:34

Piano Dealership Gives Away Kawai Grand Piano

Frank and Camille’s East, a renowned Long Island piano dealership serving the tri-state area, recently celebrated 36 years of business by giving away a Kawai grand piano to a deserving family. As part of the anniversary’s festivities, which took place at Frank and Camille’s Melville showroom and included a multi-day sale and live performances by acclaimed international concert pianists, the store raffled off a Kawai grand piano. The grand prize-winner, Garden City resident Fanny Escobar, will use the piano to help nurture her grandchildren’s love of playing the piano.

Escobar’s daughter, Jackie Rodgers of Commack, is a mother of two children, ages 10 and 8, both of whom are avid pianists. Unable to afford a brand-new piano and seeking to provide her children with an at-home outlet for expressing their musical creativity, Rodgers and her mother arrived at Frank and Camille’s through a strong recommendation, to inquire about purchasing a pre-owned piano – knowing that they could trade-up and receive full value towards a better piano some day. While in the store, Escobar took notice of the raffle that would be taking place over the following weekend. Unable to resist the idea of winning a Kawai grand piano for her grandchildren, Escobar entered her name into the drawing and hoped for the best.


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