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Enterprising Teenager Launches Skin Care Products For Teens

Walk down any hallway of a high school here on Long Island and you are likely to encounter teenagers checking out their appearance. Whether it’s the latest hair products, the coolest new clothes or fashionable jewelry, most teenagers are obsessed with how they look. However, in their quest to look their best, teens sometime neglect the most important aspect of their appearance – their skin.

Lauren Greenberg, a senior at Syosset High School, is quite knowledgeable about skin care. Her father is Dr. Stephen Greenberg, a prominent plastic surgeon, so Lauren has been exposed to a wealth of skin care knowledge growing up. When listening to her friends, she quickly realized that there is a void in skin care products for teenagers who either neglect their skin entirely or use products and procedures that are meant for adults and are too harsh for still developing teenage skin.

“My friends were complaining about their skin, and how there is nowhere to go to get skin treatments,” Lauren commented.

Taking the initiative, Lauren teamed up with Glisten Spa to create spa treatment designed for teenagers. She went to the spa and shared her ideas for teenage skin care, which were well received. Lauren then worked with the spa to create special events geared for teenagers. At these events teenagers learn about procedures such as Microdermabrasion, a gentle non-invasive procedure to remove dead skin. Teens are also introduced to a procedure called a HyrdaFacial, which is gentler on the skin. Another procedure geared toward teens is a laser treatment which removes hair and sun damage.

“Toning it down for the teenagers,” Lauren remarks.

In addition to introducing gentler skin treatment, Lauren is hoping to educate other teenagers about the importance of skin care and proper techniques. She has found that many teenagers do not properly care for their skin. For example, Lauren said it is too easy for teenagers to go to bed without properly cleansing their face. She says that teens should properly cleanse their face twice a day and have their pores cleaned and checked to keep the skin looking fresh and to prevent acne.

“Most overlook their skin and don’t really care for it as they should,” she remarks. “They’ll complain about their skin but they won’t take action about it.”

Dr. Greenberg’s face beams proudly as he speaks of the interest his daughter has taken in bringing skin care to teens. He says that he is impressed by the way she took to social networking sites and created these special events that have the feel of a party, complete with soda and hors d’oeuvres, yet also educate teens about proper skin care.

“She’s been exposed to it her whole life,” Greenberg says of his daughter and her interest in skin care. “Lauren is good at sciences as well as business. She’s found a way to find something that interests her and take it to a new level.”

In addition to educating her peers, Lauren is also launching a line of skin care products designed for teenagers. She has found that many teenagers overuse the skin care products that are on the market. Although trying to prevent acne, the overuse of these harsher products actually dries and reddens the skin.

“Baby skin has different skin care products such as baby sunscreen,” Lauren says. “There really isn’t much for teens.”

Her father was already developing a line of skin care products. This helped to spark her idea.

“He was developing his products,” Lauren recalls. She said to him, “Why don’t we make more products for teens so they don’t have to just use yours?”

Among the products she is developing for teens are a moisturizer that won’t clog pores, a light sunscreen that won’t clog pores, and a gentle facial wash that won’t dry out the skin.

“It’s definitely exciting,” Lauren says of her teenage skincare products. “I think that it started off as a small idea and gradually it has been getting more and more popular. As people hear about it they realize that their skin has been neglected and they want to do more about it.”

Her father expressed similar excitement. Dr. Greenberg remarked, “I’m very proud that she took the initiative to find a problem that was important to her and her peers and find a way to solve that problem and create her own business while doing it. She is independent and took the initiative to take this upon herself and it has been a growing, thriving business which is expanding. She has always been very interested in trying to do different aspects of business and she found a niche that has been relatively untapped and she expanded on that concept to make it a thriving business.”