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Bob McMillanAn Opinion

By Bob McMillan
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Conflicts Around the World

It seems that every day there is another sad story about conflicts around the world. As we read the daily paper, watch news on TV, or follow stories on the Internet, the horror, terror and deaths seem to accelerate. And underlying the disappointing news are countries with or in the process of developing nuclear weapons.

Today, Britain, China, France, India, Pakistan, Russia, United States, North Korea, and Israel have a nuclear weapons capability. In addition, Iran is well on the path to a nuclear capability. With the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is impossible to overlook the challenges the world faces. Border disputes between India and Pakistan are routine. But, the most significant challenge comes from Pakistan. With terrorists operating in Pakistan, and those same groups supporting unrest in Afghanistan, what would happen if the Pakistan government were to collapse?

Next, there is the effort of Iran to build nuclear bombs. Wanting to “wipe Israel off the face of the earth,” what can we expect down the road if Iran is successful?

Beyond nuclear weapons, there is unrest all over the world. In our own hemisphere, look at the challenges from Venezuela. Hugo Chavez is close to China and regularly challenges the United States. Also, look at the Mexican border with the United States. Beyond illegal immigrants flowing into the United States, drug cartel murders are weekly news. Again, conflicts which have to make you wonder why all of this is taking place?

Lately, we have also seen increased tensions between North Korea and South Korea, after the sinking of a South Korean naval vessel by a North Korean submarine. The last thing we need is another Korean War. For that reason, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently spent several days in South Korea and China hoping to engage China in helping to calm the situation. The last thing China would like to see is another Korean War, as it would be devastating to the Chinese economy.

At home in the United States, we have seen the terrorist who wanted to blow up the plane on Christmas Day and the Times Square bomber. Who knows what terrorist or nut job event will take place here? It is very sad.

Then, if you turn to Africa we find some of the bloodiest and longest wars anywhere in the world. And many have no purpose – except to extort money and loot. Beyond the wars are the pirates operating out of Somalia. They are all about ransom dollars and the cargo on freighters.

While I could go on and on, I want to now express my feelings about what the world has now come to. I have to really wonder why the murderers, terrorists, and evil people cannot just stay at home and make lives better for those around them. It is so sad to learn about another conflict somewhere around the world instead of looking for peaceful objectives. Will it ever end????

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