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Bob McMillanAn Opinion

By Bob McMillan
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The Pipeline for Canada

There has been a great deal of controversy over the proposed pipeline from Alberta, Canada to Texas. Trans-Canada proposed the Keystone Pipeline to enter the U.S. in Montana and then pass through South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma before ending up on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Construction plans were to be completed by 2014. Then the Obama Administration vetoed the project.

Now, I have to admit that I may be a bit prejudiced since my father was born and raised in Canada. I have many cousins in Canada and hear from some of them during the course of a year. They were not happy with the Obama Administration’s veto. And believe me, I feel it was a big mistake!

While I understand the concern of Nebraska relating to the water supply for several states, stopping the deal cold hurt jobs in this country and does nothing with regard to our out of control dependence on Middle East Oil. But, in some ways, even worse, is the impact on Canadians and the Canadian Government, probably the closest ally we have anywhere on the globe.

Canadians were deeply upset by the decision, as rightfully they should be. In addition, at a time of high unemployment in this country, the negative decision cost the U.S. around 100,000 new jobs.

When you look at the decision in more detail, it becomes even more bizarre! It turns out the EPA, a federal agency, has approved the construction before the veto by the Obama Administration. President Obama, in a regular statement said that the deadline, “prevented a full assessment of the pipeline impact.” How is that when his administrators at the EPA had approved the Project? It is beyond me!

To me, it is all political. President Obama just caved in for the environmentalists, forgetting international issues and the need for jobs in the U.S.!

Canada, fortunately, has not given up. Trans-Canada’s CEO, Russ Girlin, has stated that the company will submit a new application, avoiding the water supply area, very soon. Canada has not given up, and I hope that the Obama Administration will wake up to the challenges we face in the international theatre with so much dependence on oil from the very out of balance Middle East.

It is too bad that this matter could not have been handled in a more efficient way. Where was the Administration during the months of study done by the EPA before approving the project? Let us hope that the new applications will get attention and less political rhetoric. That would be in the best interests of the United States.

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