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Bob McMillanAn Opinion

By Bob McMillan
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Voting with Photo ID?

Last December, Attorney General Eric Holder authorized blocking South Carolina’s law requiring voters to produce a photo ID as a way to stop voter fraud. The United States Department of Justice stated that tens of thousands of minorities in South Carolina might not be able to cast ballots because they don’t have a photo ID.

This is an interesting approach when you consider that 31 states require some form of ID to vote. Eight states have a strict photo ID requirement that means that a person can “provisionally” vote without a photo ID, but must then produce a photo ID within several days after the election. Seven other states require a photo ID, but a person can vote without such identification if they sign off or provide a birth date.

Then, 16 states require some form of ID to be produced before voting such as a bank statement or utility bill.

It is interesting, with all the voter fraud uncovered in the 2008 presidential election that the Department of Justice would attack the South Carolina law. And, there has been voter fraud in New York, also!

Now, take a look with me where photo ID is required in other areas of our lives. First, you cannot cash a check, even at your own bank, without producing a photo ID. Then, if you try to buy a gun, there is a photo ID requirement.

Next, you cannot rent a hotel room without producing a photo ID nor can you enter most security buildings without producing a photo ID. Also, when you try to get a prescription filled, most drug stores require a photo ID. And in Illinois, you can not buy products containing poison unless you produce a photo ID.

Finally, one other area where a photo ID is required, relates to boarding an airplane. Is it racial discrimination to require the producing of a photo ID when going through security at an airport? I do not think so, and have no doubt, in my mind, that the Attorney General Eric Holder just does not get it. Has he gone too far?

My feeling is that his decision to block the photo ID requirement in South Carolina is all about politics. Could it be that he wants illegal immigrants to be able to vote across the country? Could it be that he wants convicted felons to be able to vote? I do not believe that a requirement for a photo ID is discrimination.

It is all about making sure that our elections are held without any fraud or corruption.

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